How to make a bottle lamp without drilling

If you already have some bottles at home and want to put them to good use rather than throwing them out, read on! This is an easy project for anyone who wants to make a cute lamp without drilling holes in the bottle; perfect for kids who love arts & crafts. We will show you how to take the traditional string lights and install them inside the bottle so that water doesn’t get into it.

This way, it can be used indoors or outdoors with no risk of malfunctioning even if it gets wet. We will also show you how to make a bottle lamp shade with easy-to-get items that can drastically change the look of your bottle lamp!

How to make a bottle lamp without drilling, Zazzy Home

Lamp kit, available at Amazon. All materials are available at the local hardware store except for the cordless drill, which is readily available online.

Primary materials: – Plastic bottles – Lamp kit (Available at Amazon) – Decorative items (cordless drill not included)

Tools required: – Glue gun and glue sticks – Scissors – Hole puncher or screwdriver & hammer


1) Cut the top portion of the bottle and remove it. A simple cutting board and a scissor can do the job with ease.

2) Clean the interior of the bottle to make sure there is no dust or dirt inside.

3) Take the lamp kit and make sure that it fits in properly; we used a bright bulb since we were photographing it during the day, but you should use low wattage bulbs if you’re installing them indoors like this.

4) Once you’re done fitting the kit into your bottle, place glue around the edges towards the top where there is a metal ring – this is where your cord will enter from outside, leading into the bottom portion of the lamp, which houses all hardware for power supply, etc. You can also put glue at specific points to hold the metal ring in place.

How to make a bottle lamp without drilling, Zazzy Home

5) Put glue all around the top portion of the bottle and put it back into the lower part. Make sure that both pieces fit tightly together, and you can use a little pressure to push them together if required.

6) Let it dry for at least 20 minutes before using it as a lamp.

7) Use decorative items like stones, pebbles, beads, etc., which make your lamp extra cute! We used purple & green ones here, but any color would work well with this shade, like blue or orange.

8) Get creative with it and design your own shade by adding flowers made out of paper or fabrics; we will be covering more tutorials on this soon, so stay tuned!

9) If you want to hang it, get a string and tie the metal ring with the cord. You can also cut off the top portion of the bottle if you want it to sit flat.

10) If you’re hanging your lamp outdoors, make sure you use sturdy & durable materials so that water doesn’t drip into your light!

Helpful tip: The decorative items like stones or flowers need not be glued in place since they won’t be moving around much inside the lamp; if they fall out, though, place them back in using tweezers.

How to make a bottle lamp without drilling, Zazzy Home

The primary motivation behind this project was to develop an alternative way of making a lamp without drilling holes in the bottle! We wanted it to be unique, creative, and fun for kids who love arts & crafts. So when you’re done with the lamp, throw out the bottles – that’s what we did at our end since there was no energy left in them after installing the string light kit inside.

The great thing about this concept is that there are no glass shards if children decide to touch or play around with it since the only sharp part available would be the pathway where cords enter from outside. The shade can be designed using any fabric or paper; water proof sheers work well too but make sure they don’t poke out of the bottle when you install them.


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