A bedroom door lock is a tool that many people use to keep themselves safe and secure. It doesn’t matter if you are locking the bedroom door from the inside or outside, it is important for all bedroom doors to be locked at all times. If you have ever tried to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a key, then you know just how difficult this can be! In this blog post, we will go over some tips on how to lock your bedroom door from the outside without a key so that you never need to worry about being unsafe again!

How do I lock a door without a key?

DIY methods can be used to lock a door without a key like using a screwdriver or fork. Many of these methods provide privacy, but will not be burglar-proof. Not locking your door the way it was meant to be locked may pose a serious safety hazard. If you are in a pinch, these methods may be just what you need if you have to lock the door at any level of security. The methods may not provide enough security for you to lock it properly in order to avoid a burglar opening your front door or back door to steal a key from you, but it could provide enough security that you need for a bedroom door.

How can you unlock your door from the outside without a key?

There are ways to lock doors from the outside without using keys but many people still don’t know these ways. If you know these simple tricks, you will find it very easy.

Use a door stopper

The best door stopper is made of rubber, making it hard to slide open with the wedge. Rubber does not slide because it creates a lot of friction and will keep a door shut. Make sure that the wedge is not accessible to the other side of the door as it may be pushed away from it by someone from inside. The best wedge door stoppers are made of metal and rubber is the best for the door you want to open as the wedge stays away from the other side of a door. The wedge will keep the door shut tight until the wedge can be removed from inside if the wedge cannot be removed.

Use a belt or a strap to lock the door

If a door has an automated door closing arm you can clamp it down using a strap or belt. The belt will create resistance, and nobody can push down the handle. The door may give a little resistance to entry, but it will not open. All you have to do is wrap the straps around the closing arm tightly as you can.

Use a floor-mounted lock

OnGUARD floor-mounted lock is easy to install; it has lifetime warranty. It can resist up to 3,000 pounds of force; chances chance are the door will break before lock. It comes with a lifetime warranty and has a small version of the lock. The OnGuard locks can be easily installed at home or on the market, and the lock can be unlocked in the morning. This simple gadget will give anyone a hard time getting inside your home.

Make an Improvised Barricade

An improvised barricade can come in handy when you want to keep a door closed, but you don’t have a key or a lock. Just find a few heavy objects, and pile them in front of the door. This is probably the most straightforward method to achieve that, especially if you have a lock or a key to keep the door shut. Find a heavy item in the way of closing a door, then pile it on top of a door.

Use a fork to lock the door

Use a fork to lock a door using a fork and stop anyone from barging in. You will find this an excellent way to lock it without a key and it will keep you out of the room.

Use a screwdriver

Depending on the type of door handle, this method is very practical. It can be very easy to set up using a standard screwdriver and a simple screwdriver. It takes a few seconds to fully set up and set up the handle.

Lock the door using a pen/pencil and a string

For applying this trick, you will need a pen or pencil and tape and a piece of string. The string is long enough to reach from the lever inside of a closed door and over the top of the door. Instead of a string, you can also use packing tape and secure one end of the long piece to the lever. Now, when the door is closed, you must pull the string engaging the lock to lock it. In this way, it can be locked without using a key and no need for a key. Clicking the lock mechanism will lock the door in a quick process, which is simple and easy to do….

Lock the door using a small plastic bottle

For this, you need a small plastic bottle and two nails to make this project. Heat the nails and pierce them into the bottle. Then push the bottom of the bottle into the deadbolt knob. Now turn the bottle’s mouth side, both clockwise and anticlockwise. Close the door from outside to close the door. If you can’t open the door it means you have locked the door successfully. Try to open it by turning the bottle or using the ribbon to lock the door. If you do this successfully, the door will be unlocked or locked and locked. If the bottle is locked, it is unlocked by turning it clockwise….

Lock the door using a piece of thin wire.

Trimmer can lock the door by attaching a piece of thin wire or strong fishing line to a handle. The steps are: attach the wire to the end of the handle and wrap it around with tape. When outside the door, the wire will hook over the top of the door and get secured with a knot. Check whether the door is locked before you get outside and lock with the wire. So, finally, you have locked the door with the help of a small piece of wire.

Why should I not lock the door from outside?

This is something like imprisoning someone inside and leaving him/her to the mercy of God. If you have mentally or physically challenged loved ones in your family, you may have to do it in rare cases. However, do not do it unless a doctor or a relevant professional advises it. Do not lock someone else or even yourself from the outside from the inside, as it is a bad idea for someone to be locked away from you.


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