How many of us have got the patio furniture out to enjoy the sun on a lovely day, only to quickly discover that our furniture is sinking into the garden? As a consequence, you might find that you cannot make as much use of your patio as you would like or that you have to keep getting up to adjust the chairs. You can, however, prevent your patio chairs from sinking into the grass by following a few simple steps.

Putting something underneath the chair legs is one possible solution to the problem. This can be anything from stones or bricks to blocks of wood or even other types of materials. You can also stop furniture from sinking by purchasing special rubber feet or plastic discs designed to go under the legs of the piece of furniture.

Alternatively, you could rig up a makeshift platform for your outdoor furniture to sit on. Putting in the effort to nail boards together and then placing them on top of the grass should accomplish this goal. After that, you are free to position your outdoor furniture atop the boards. In addition to creating a level surface, this will prevent your furniture from becoming embedded in the ground.

A nifty little tip that we have just recently come across is that you can prevent your garden chairs from sinking into the grass by cutting an X into a tennis ball and then sliding it onto the bottom of the feet of your chairs. It is an alternative that ought to be investigated as a means of cutting costs.

Utilizing patio furniture pads is one possible solution. These pads can be positioned under the legs of the chairs in order to help distribute the weight evenly and avoid sunken chairs. They can be found in most home improvement stores. Putting casters on your outdoor chairs is yet another strategy you can employ to avoid having your patio chairs become submerged.

When the chairs are set down on soft surfaces such as grass, the casters will allow them to roll instead of sinking into the surface.


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