Frederick Cooper table lamps are replicas of the original Frederick Cooper Lamps that were produced in the 1950’s. These replica lamps have a square base and a square dome shade. The replica lamps also have four finials on the top which give them an authentic look from the originals. On one side of these replica lamps, they have a label that says “the original designed by Frederick cooper for manhattan lamp works inc” which is printed there to separate it from genuine manhattan replacement parts ones. However, people can still get tricked into thinking that these replicas are real because if not careful you might miss this label altogether. These replicas sell for anywhere between $50-$150 depending on where you purchase them from and how new the replicas are.

Recently, someone contacted me claiming to have a Frederick Cooper Lamp with no label on it. They wanted to know how much it was worth and if I could give them an estimate of what their lamp might be worth. When they sent me pictures of the lamp they had, I could tell that this was not an original Frederick Cooper Lamp because of the lack of detail in the shade itself as well as some other various reasons. For example, his replica lamp did not have any wide lines going down from the finials to separate them from each other but rather just one long straight line going across all four finials which is not possible for a real Frederick Cooper lamp. It also did not have very detailed designs around the base of the lamp which is impossible for a real Frederick Cooper Lamp.

These replicas are made to look like the original Frederick Cooper lamps that were made in the 1950’s but the only way to really tell if the table lamp you have is authentic or not is by looking at these small details. If your replica lamp has all these features, it’s more than likely an authentic table lamp because replicas usually aren’t manufactured this closely to resemble an original product. Some other ways to identify a Frederick cooper lamp are by examining the shade itself and checking on how well it was put together. It should sit completely centered on top of its base with no wobbly movements at all. Also, people will try to sell replica shades instead of replica lamps because an authentic Frederick Cooper shade is very hard to come by.

A lot of the time when people try to sell you a lamp they will say that it’s a genuine manhattan replacement part because these parts are the easiest way for them to make money off you. Not only can this product be very costly, but it could also be dangerous for your home because the electrical wiring inside these lamps is not made to withstand frequent use and may become damaged easily which could cause a fire to break out in your home. These replicas were manufactured with cheaper plastic that was meant to look like higher quality materials such as porcelain or marble. The difference between porcelain and plastic is similar to the difference between chalk and cheese; there isn’t much that can compare to the real thing.

If you’ve ever come across a lamp like this and are worried about its authenticity, keep in mind all these different things when trying to determine if the table lamp is an authentic Frederick Cooper lamp or not. If all these check out, then it’s probably safe for you to say that your table lamp might be an authentic one worth around $200-$300 dollars depending on where you purchase it from and how old it is. However, if none of these features matches up with what I’ve said then there’s a good chance that your table lamp isn’t authentic and rather just another replica trying to scam people into buying overpriced replicas. You should do yourself a favor by staying away from these products and only purchasing authentic table lamps because replicas will never be worth as much as an original.


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