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How To Hang Tab Curtains, Zazzy Home

How To Hang Tab Curtains

These are curtains that are supported by an internal rod. These curtains are hung on the wall when they are not in use. The curtain is made up of two parts. One part overlaps the other when it is pulled back. The panels of the tab curtains are of a different length to provide varying levels of privacy.

The easiest way to hang tab curtains is with a curtain rod. A rod will separate the two sides of your window and give you some extra material on each side. You can use this to create a flowing look that accents the curtains themselves, or on more oversized windows, you can add more pleats for a wide visual effect.

How To Hang Tab Curtains, Zazzy Home

When you choose your tab curtains, make sure they are long enough to touch the ground on both sides of your window or door. If they don’t, this may cause problems with how the fabric hangs, and it will look bad. When you measure for length, remember to also include how much space you want between the top of the curtain and the ceiling. This will affect how you hang them on your rod or track.

For some windows, you may not have a rod or track to hang your curtains on. You can still install tab curtains, but they will have an entirely different look if they are simply thrown over the window sill. This is because the fabric that hangs loose like this will move with the breeze, and it won’t be sturdy enough for privacy. It could also blow into things or fall down onto objects below.

These types of curtains are very versatile; however, oftentimes, they are seen as outdated. Tab Curtains can provide privacy while still allowing some light to come through them, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens where more privacy isn’t needed, but there is still the need for sunlight or natural lighting to enter through the windows.

They can also be used in bedrooms to provide a private sleeping area while still allowing light. Tab curtains are quick and easy to install, but you should get them professionally hung if you are installing them yourself.

These curtains are recommended for casual use or decorating schemes where simplicity is key. Your tab curtain will come with tabs on either end of the curtain that allow it to hang over your curtain rod when in use and rest in between uses. If your home does not have any type of rods or tracks in place, then these curtains can be installed using clips attached directly onto the windowsill itself. This way, there is no need for anything hanging down from above because all you need to do is lift up your window, slide your panel over the sill, and drop it once you have the correct length.

They are ideal for smaller homes where privacy isn’t the main consideration, but you still want to enjoy some sunlight throughout your home while keeping things private at the same time. These curtains are also fantastic for renters because they don’t require any type of installation or screws into the wall to get them up. They can be put up in seconds without damaging walls, making them perfect for landlords who need to screen their tenants’ place before moving out.

Many people use tab curtains when they want total privacy that would normally only be found with thick drapes or other heavy types of window treatments. No light will come through with these curtains because there is nothing except fabric between your window and the outside world.

The width of your tab curtains is up to you, but there are some options available if you want to be able to open them fully for more light in certain rooms. For example, you can opt for two panels instead of one so that each side of your window has its own panel, which allows more light into your home. This, however, will also take away from your privacy because both sides of the window will be completely open to view if they are pulled back wide enough.

Hanging Tab Curtains.

To measure the width of your curtain rod:

  1. Hold it up against one of the sides of your window.
  2. Do not include any portion of the top or bottom in this measurement.
  3. Keep in mind that if you hold up a weight on one end, such as a heavy vase, it will make the rod sag slightly due to gravity.

If this happens, you can add a few extra inches to your measurement so the curtain will hang straight. This is especially important if you plan on mounting a heavy object.

Depending on the size of your window, you may want to hang tab curtains in multiple tracks for easier handling. When choosing curtain rods, make sure they are sturdy enough to hold the weight of your new curtains. It is also a good idea to find out exactly how much the rod will weigh before hanging it up on the wall. This can prevent damage later down the road due to added stress on that part of your home. For an even more decorative look, try something adjustable, like two different sized poles with one track.

How To Hang Tab Curtains-Filling In The Gaps

Do not install curtain rods too tightly, or you could have problems with them coming off of their mounts over time. If you are worried about this, investing in a few heavy-duty nails will make the wall much more secure. These are especially important if you plan to hang anything large or heavy on your curtain rod.

Again, keep your window length in mind when hanging curtains because you want them to fall nicely onto the sills. It is usually a good idea to hang them as far out to each side of your window as possible without having too much added weight on the end.

Many people like to place their curtain rods above an actual window, even though sometimes it may be difficult to reach. This allows for longer panels that can be opened wide or closed up for more privacy. If this is what you would like, then measure exactly how high off of the ground they need to hang and make sure your rod will allow enough clearance under the bottom of the sill before making any purchases. Installing curtain rods above windows can also come with added security, thanks to locks.

How To Hang Tab Curtains-Conclusion

Tab curtains are an inexpensive way to fill up a window that has no covering or blinds already installed. They can be purchased at most fabric stores for under ten dollars per panel, and they come in many different colors. This makes them easy to match with any room decor without breaking the bank.


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