A few weeks ago, I wanted to hang up a new frame in my apartment. It was a beautiful print that someone had given me, and it meant so much more than just the art inside. This gift was from one of my best friends before she passed away. She always went out of her way to find the perfect gifts for others but never thought about what they were going through themselves. Though I have been struggling with depression lately, this is a reminder that people still care deeply about me and want to give back when they can’t be here anymore.

I waited until nightfall and then snuck into my living room while everyone else was sleeping on the couch watching TV or reading their Kindle Fires (we’re a family of night owls). I hung the frame on one nail, and it was so sturdy. The weight from the frame balanced perfectly with a single nail in my wall that had been there for years holding up another picture.

How to hang frames without using nails, Zazzy Home

I quickly realized that hanging this new frame wasn’t going to work out without some severe renovations (or money). Still, then I looked at the back of it and noticed an old screw hole where someone must have previously screwed into a stud when they framed their house or apartment before we moved in.

So this is what I did:

  1. Measure how far down you want your nails to hang.
  2. Mark them on your wall with a pencil and ruler.
  3. Drill tiny holes between these marks about an inch deep.

Then take a rubber band and place it around the back of your frame, which will now fit into the two screw holes that you created with tiny drill holes. Now put one nail on either side of these drilled areas in the wall with no stud (or use a molly bolt) to hang up your picture frame!

In my case, I used nails because they are more reliable than screws or bolts for hanging pictures; however, if you have any wiggle room between the backs of your frames and walls, then this would be a good time to try out using something other than metal fasteners while still protecting against too much movement from bumping or knocking things over.

How to hang frames without using nails, Zazzy Home

I hung three large frames like this last night, and it took me about an hour. It may have been easier if I had a helper, but then again, that’s the beauty of being alone in life at times: you get to do things your way without involving others or waiting for approvals.

I hope this post helps people who are having trouble hanging up their frames because they’re heavy! If not, I’ll be back next week with another how-to article on home decorating projects.


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