The use of deer feeders is an excellent method for luring a variety of wildlife to your property; however, they may also bring in some uninvited guests in the form of raccoons. Raccoons are notorious for breaking into garbage cans and stealing food meant for pets, but they are also known for causing problems at deer feeders because of their intelligence and resourcefulness. If raccoons are frequently visiting your deer feeder, it is imperative that you take measures to discourage their presence so that they do not frighten the deer away or consume all of the food in the feeder.

Installing a baffle on the pole or tree from which the deer feeder is hung is one strategy you can use to prevent raccoons from accessing the food in the feeder. Baffles are cone-shaped devices that can be found in just about any hardware or home improvement store. They prevent animals from climbing up to the feeder in order to get their food.

Raccoons are less likely to approach a feeder that they cannot easily climb onto, so one more option is to hang your deer feeder from a wire or rope so that it can swing freely. Finally, in order to prevent raccoons from having an easy meal waiting for them, make sure that any food that has fallen near the deer feeder is swept up and put away.

There are a few more things you can try to do to discourage raccoons from stealing food from your deer feeder if you have an issue with them doing so. Before anything else, check to see that the bird feeder is firmly attached to a sturdy tree or pole so that raccoons won’t be able to knock it over and get to the food inside. You could also try placing a weight on top of the feeder to make it more difficult for the birds to access the food inside. You also have the option of installing an electric fence around the feeder or elevating it to a higher level than the animals can access.

The prevention of raccoons from eating deer food

Raccoons are clever and resourceful animals, and as a result, they will frequently find ways to access the food in your deer feeder, despite the fact that you have taken precautions to prevent them from doing so.

You will need to take steps to discourage raccoons from eating all of the food that is kept in your deer feeder if you want to prevent the local population from doing so.

If everything else fails, you can try using a live trap with an electric fence to catch the offender, and then you can release it far away from your property after the ordeal is over. Be persistent and consistent with whichever method you choose to use, and the raccoons will eventually give up and look for an easier prey item to attack.

Raccoons can be scared away using motion and water sensors.

The installation of motion and water sensors is yet another method you can use to deter raccoons from coming onto your property. These devices respond to movement by spraying water or making a loud noise, and they have the potential to be an effective deterrent for raccoons that might otherwise enter your property.

Motion and water sensors are readily available for purchase at the majority of hardware and home improvement stores; alternatively, you can make your own with just a few basic components. You could also try using an ultrasonic animal repellent, which produces a high-pitched noise that animals can only hear. This could be another option.

Bring in deer food at night.

If you want to keep raccoons off your property for good, one strategy you can try is to bring in deer food at night. Raccoons aren’t interested in eating deer food. Raccoons will be deterred from approaching your property during the hours in which they are most active, but doing so will require some additional effort on your part.

Final Thoughts
Raccoons can be pesky creatures, but there are ways to get rid of them if they are causing problems at your deer feeder. You can try using a motion-activated sprinkler system, an ultrasonic pest repeller, or a device that emits light and sound. You can also remove the food source by taking down the deer feeder and cleaning up any spilt food. By following these tips, you should be able to keep raccoons away from your deer feeder.


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