Halloween is a holiday that can be celebrated in many different ways. One of the most popular ways to celebrate it is by decorating your house, which can be done by using things you might already have in your home. With some creativity and imagination, you’ll be able to turn your porch lights off and on with just the flick of a switch. This article will show how you can create decorations from items around the house or from inexpensive store-bought decorations that won’t break the bank.

How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on a Budget, Zazzy Home

What items do I need?

For the porch light, you’ll need a light bulb, a light socket, and porch light. I recommend you use an orange light bulb because it will add to the atmosphere. You can also buy black crepe paper and make a spider web with it. If you have a lot of lights in your windows, you could put them up high and turn them off with a timer. If you want to turn a crepe paper streamer on and off, use a wire hanger as your switch.

Everything you need can be found at the dollar store

A few items that can be bought there are colored light bulbs, spider webs for your windows, and crepe paper rolls. If you don’t have any of those things at home but really want to make your house look festive, simply buy them from the dollar store! One of my favorite Halloween movies is “Hocus Pocus.”

In one scene in this movie, there’s a plan with a huge web made out of spiderwebs. Every time I see it, it makes me laugh because I know how easy it would be to put up something like that. This scene inspired me to make a spider web using a wire hanger for my porch light switch. I was amazed at how easy it was and the effect that it had on Halloween night.

How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on a Budget, Zazzy Home

How do I make a Halloween ghost?

First, you’ll need some material. You can use anything soft and kinda loose-fitting for this! For example, you can use an old bed sheet or even white fabric to make the ghost’s shirt. Cut it in half lengthwise so that you have two long strips of fabric.

Then, find yourself a small box to make your ghost into! You don’t want your ghost to be too big, or else it will get in the way when people are trying to walk up to your driveway. Use some spray paint if you want to give your box a little bit more color.

Put one strip of fabric over the top of the box on either side to create arms! If you’re using an old bed sheet or table cloth, you might be able to simply tie the fabric around the box. If not, take some masking tape and attach your fabric to your box!

If you don’t want to use up your bedsheets, take a white trash bag and cut holes for your eyes and mouth. Then, drape it over whatever you want to use as the spine/body of the ghost. Next, use string or wire to hang it from a branch or porch rail. Now, if you want to give your ghost some more pizzazz, take old wire hangers and cut them up into little pieces. Then, use hot glue or some other strong adhesive to attach the wire pieces onto your ghost! It will look cool in the dark when there are little points of light following your guests as they walk through your yard. For a final touch, you might want to put on some scary music! Just be aware that they’ll probably keep playing all night long.

How to make a Halloween Witch

The most important part of making a Halloween witch is, of course, the hat. You can use an old cooking pot or bowl for this. If you have neither, look in recycling bins at grocery stores, coffee shops, etc., where you may find some free pots and bowls! After that, cut out eyes from black construction paper or paint them on with black paint. Next, use red paint to draw her mouth on. To finish off your witch’s costume, drape green fabric around her waist for a skirt.

1. Gather 2-3 white sheets and a scissors

2. Cut out one sheet into ghostly shapes

3. Drape the sheets over your dresser to give it that haunted mansion look

4. Use a light behind you and blur your face with a sheet of fabric draped over the camera, so it looks like an eerie apparition.

Don’t forget the witch brew!

You can do this with just about anything that is liquid and somewhat opaque! For example, you could use milk or soup broth. Then, just mix it all up in a pot on the stove and let it come to a boil, occasionally stirring so that the mixture doesn’t burn.

When it’s boiling, turn off the heat and pour some of the liquid into squirt bottles or any type of spray bottle you can find! You can make these by taking apart old shampoo bottles for fun, spooky designs. Then, when kids are coming up to your porch this Halloween night, give them each a little spritz of “witch’s brew”! Then they can come up, knock on your door and scream “trick or treat” just like they always do!

How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on a Budget, Zazzy Home

How do I make a Halloween bat?

Step 1 For this step, you will need two triangle shapes of black construction paper, string for attaching the triangles together where they meet in the middle, a marker, scissors or X-Acto knife for cutting out ears from regular paper or black construction paper (you can buy these at any dollar store or party store), and a piece of black construction paper to make the bat’s body.

Step 2 To make the wings, take two triangle shapes and attach them together where they meet in the middle with string, or you can just cut out one big triangle shape. Cut out some black paper as well to fold over and round off at the bottom for the bat’s body.

Step 3 Use some string to attach your ears onto your black paper wings! Then, draw on some eyes using a marker! If you want, paint it with dark purple or even black paint for more effect!

Step 4 Fold a piece of black construction paper in half so that it forms a point at the bottom. Round off about 1/8 of an inch on either side and glue your wings onto it!

Step 5 To make the bat’s ears, take your black construction paper and fold it in half. Use some string or yarn to attach them together where they meet in the middle. Draw eyes and a mouth on your bat with a marker pen. If you want, paint it with dark purple or even black paint for more effect! You can either attach your ears onto your bat wings using string or just cut out two triangle shapes of black construction paper, fold them in half, and glue them onto the wings! The choice is up to you!

How to Decorate Your House for Halloween on a Budget, Zazzy Home

How to make a Halloween Jack-o-lantern

There are several ways how to cut out the inside of your pumpkin, but here is one way that will make you look like an expert on all those spooky events 😀

First of all, pick up your favorite pumpkin. You can find many different sizes in every grocery store and in some markets, but try to make sure that the pumpkin is not too soft or it will be hard to cut. If you want to take the easy way and don’t need a real scary jack-o-lantern, use a small pumpkin with a big lid. However, if you decide to take this challenge, grab your sharpest knife, and let’s do this!

Take your time when cutting out the lid. It has to fit perfectly so that no delicious gooey filling can come out of it when we put the candle in later on…

Once your lid is finished, cut straight down through half of the pumpkin and stop at about an inch from the bottom.

Turn your pumpkin sideways and repeat until there is a hole big enough to fit your hand in.

When you’re done, take all the seeds and pulp out and turn it back up and look at how perfect it is 😀

Now comes the easy part… Take some string or yarn of any color (or even use orange if you want), put one end on the inside of the lid with a needle, and make a loop around until there are more loops than one. This is what you will need for hanging your pretty pumpkin over your door! Then keep winding it around the bottom of the pumpkin near the cut.

As I said before, some people like to buy orange lights that go perfectly with everything, but if you don’t have that possibility or simply want to do this by yourself, you can use any color that fits your taste.

For this reason, we will dye the yarn in another bowl using some food coloring and vinegar mixed together. If your pumpkin is big enough and you’ve got enough yarn, feel free to use more colors!

Remember, the brighter, the better! After you’re done with dyeing, put all of it inside and hang it up so that everyone can see how brilliant you are!

Now comes the spooky part! You can use fake or real candles for this, but make no mistake: fake ones are more dangerous than you think. If you want to stay safe, put your candle in first and cover it with aluminum foil. Then tie the string of the lid around something sturdy like a doorknob (be careful!) or some kind of stand that is stable enough to hold up your pumpkin without tipping over. And there you go! The best Halloween decoration ever made by yourself!

Create a Halloween-themed wreath for the front door

This is a fun and easy project that takes up to an hour to complete. You’ll need :

Forty-five to seventy pieces of black pipe cleaners (depending on the size you’d like the wreath to be)

One Styrofoam wreath form or a straw wreath form that is already shaped into a circle

A handful of orange and maroon felt circles for pumpkin patches, created with this easy tutorial.

Two spiders are approximately 3 inches in diameter. Use this template to create your own.

Scissors and/or wire cutters (if using wireframes)

Step 1: If you are using wireframes, curl one end of each piece, so they will fit inside the Styrofoam form. Then, slip them in at even intervals around the ring. It does not matter what angle they are facing.

Step 2: Begin tightly weaving the black pipe cleaners around and between each of the metal pieces at even intervals. Do not weave back and forth; this will create a bumpy surface. Instead, fold down each piece before moving on to the next one, so there is no visible space between them when you are done.

After you have weaved all 45-70 pieces in, use your fingers to push all wire ends into the wreath form until they cannot be seen. If desired, spray-paint the wreath with matte white spray paint. Allow it to dry completely, and then attach small felt circles using hot glue in a random pattern over the entire surface of the wreath for pumpkins.

Step 3: Use scissors or wire cutters to trim the ends of the black pipe cleaners so that they are all level with one another.

Step 4: Cut wiggly lines in two greys felt pieces for spiders’ legs and hot glue them onto the backside of each spider. Hot glue the spiders to opposite sides of the wreath where you would like them to be located. And there you have it! A quick, easy festive Halloween wreath. The options are endless–try using different color combinations or create other creatures like bats, owls, skulls, etc.!

NOTE: When using Styrofoam, hot glue or spray paint is NOT recommended as it may melt the material. Instead, use Tacky Glue and make sure to work in a well-ventilated area.

Use fall leaves as decorations by placing them in large containers outside to create an autumnal effect

Decorating with leaves is an easy way to create a beautiful fall effect in your outdoor spaces. Read on to learn how to decorate with leaves using everything from small accent containers to fire pits and planters.

Place large pots filled with autumnal-colored leaves outside your home’s front entrance, along walkways, near swimming pools, inside fountains or ponds, or any other areas where they will be noticed. Alternatively, simply scatter some leaves across tables or window sills so that they don’t pile up everywhere but also have the appearance of being freshly fallen.

Throw handfuls of autumnal-colored leaves along the house’s foundation, or anywhere that would look good with a fall theme. Bury trunks of dead trees in leaves, allowing them to peep out through the coverings for an even more effective effect.

Cover the ground of any fire pit or fire bowl with leaves for an even more atmospheric effect. Scatter larger leaves in corners and along window sills, but make sure they are not too thickly piled so that their colors don’t become dulled by darkness

Place small individual pots filled with colorful fall leaves around your home’s outdoor furniture to create an extraordinary visual effect when guests arrive. Use large containers filled with leaves to line walkways or driveways – the autumnal color against a backdrop of green will create a beautiful contrast.

Fill planters with moist soil interspersed with colorful fallen leaves, ensuring that the leaf’s faces are visible through the gaps between plant foliage so that they can still be seen clearly after the plants have grown. Ensure the soil of planters is moist before placing leaves inside them, as dry soil will make it difficult for any newly added leaves to root

Use white pumpkins or gourds on your porch if you are trying to decorate with fall leaves but do not want to sacrifice too much color. These white decorations can be interspersed amongst vases filled with autumnal-colored flowers for a stunning visual effect.

Add some decorative Halloween touches like skulls or spider webs into any outdoor space that is decorated with fall leaves for an even more dramatic look. Decorating with fallen leaves is an easy way to give your home’s exterior a spooky feel at Halloween time.


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