When it comes to decorating the living room, curtains are often the focal point. This is because they frame windows, providing a backdrop for items of furniture and influencing how light enters the room. So, knowing how to decorate living room curtains could be very important when it comes to achieving your desired look.

Knowing how to decorate living room curtains, however, doesn’t have to be complicated if you remember these three tips:

1) They should go well with your window treatment Curtain styles range from classic pleats or gathered drapes that flow down gracefully from wooden rods or matching tieback holders to more contemporary styles like roman blinds which form neat rectangles when open – there really isa style to suit every window and design scheme.

2) They should be in keeping with the shape of your windows Most windows are designed with straight, angled corners but there are also bay windows that curve outwards and curved top sash windows that form an arch. The best way to know how to decorate living room curtains for these different shapes is by visiting a specialist curtain shop such as Curtain Up. Here you’ll find a lot more than just ready-made curtains too – they have expert staff who will show you everything from how to measure your window correctly to all the latest fabrics on offer so you can see what’s right for you at home.

3) They should work well with your existing furniture. Arguably this is the most important tip of all because – even if your curtains are perfectly in keeping with the shape of your windows and the decoration scheme you have chosen – they won’t look right if they clash with what’s already in place.

Once you’ve worked out how to decorate living room curtains, remember to think about matching them up with cushions sofas throws carpet surface finishes etc for a cohesive look that screams ‘done well’.


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