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How to create the perfect farmhouse style bathroom, Zazzy Home

How to create the perfect farmhouse style bathroom

A modern bathroom can be functional and luxurious, but it might not have that unique feel where you just want to stay forever. A farmhouse style will take your bathroom from plain and boring to a room with a special touch of class. It’s a popular choice for those who want a quirkier look in their modern home.

The farmhouse bathroom style will be composed of wooden fixtures, usually from the early 20th century. The typical design is compact and small, with an old-fashioned toilet and sink made from cast iron or copper.

How to create the perfect farmhouse style bathroom, Zazzy Home

For example, there are still some old cabinets out there that you can install in your own modern home to give it a touch of rustic class. Many things can be done to turn your bathroom into something more than just a room with a toilet and sink. Bathtubs from those days were very simplistic and not as luxurious as those made today. They contained only an average amount of water so they could heat it to temperature with ease without wasting too much gas or electricity.

This bathroom style can be much more expensive than the traditional, modern bathroom, but it does provide you with all of the comforts of a luxury home. The antique farmhouse design also offers much space to store various items in the bath or shower room. Some other ways to go about this are getting second-hand worktops and sinks, old cupboards/drawers for storage, re-painting your floor or wall tiles etc.

It is essential that when remodelling, you pay close attention to detail since this is not just another bathroom but one that will have many things that are different from the average modern home, which is what makes it unique.

You should also know what the past was like since this will give you ideas about decorating your farmhouse bathroom. For example, you can’t just put modern furniture or fixtures into your bathroom but must use items that are antique or vintage-like washstands and bathtubs, so there is a cozier look to the room.

For example, if you have an old plywood cabinet built into the wall, which used to be where someone would keep their laundry supplies, why not install something similar? You could even save yourself some money by simply painting an old wooden cabinet in white instead of buying new ones.

An old farmhouse style always features wooden fixtures like towel racks and accessories. However, this doesn’t mean that everything has to be made from wood; towels, for instance, can be replaced by rugs that can be hung on the wall, which provide more space for other items, plus they are easier to clean.

Some homeowners like to get rid of their old cabinets and replace them with new ones. If you decide to do this, make sure that you choose your design very carefully because it will be what people see at first glance when entering your bathroom. For example, use rustic materials like wicker baskets to store items instead of using shelves; place some old mason jars on top of these to give them a stylish look.

You can also use vintage soap dispensers or simply keep the containers lacquered by hand, so they shine just like on the day they were made. But, of course, the best way to create an authentic farmhouse feel is by adding furniture.

Many homeowners blend different styles, such as the rustic elements of a country bathroom with the subway tiles and clean lines of a modern style. However, if you are only adding one or two features into your bathroom, they need to stand out. The trick with this design is not to blend styles but rather just embrace the rustic theme of farmhouse bathrooms for a classic look that’s all your own.

A farmhouse bathroom usually has vintage touches like:

-a claw foot tub (with shower attachment) or an old fashioned pedestal sink, maybe even both

-vintage wallpaper or stone walls and countertops -simple window coverings such as curtains, linens or wooden blinds instead of cabinets -rustic lighting such as lanterns or Edison bulbs

Boosting the appeal of your bathroom does not need to cost much money or time if you know what to do. The key is knowing which changes will have the most significant impact on your limited funds. Here are some ideas that can help you create a country-style bathroom without busting your budget.

A rich color palette Instead of using plain white tiles, paint them with attractive colors such as blue or green. You can also find old ceramic ones that come in exciting colors at flea markets for just pennies because they were usually thrown away by previous owners after being damaged. Next, paint the walls with white chalk paint or any other color of your choice. Let the paint dry and then wash it with water to give the appearance of an aged effect. If you are not in a painting mood, consider using wallpaper – they come in different patterns that can look like vintage paintings.

The lighting is critical, so make sure to add the right kind of lights all around your bathroom. Chinese paper lanterns can be hung from the ceiling or walls to create exciting lighting to help set the mood for relaxation. Candles are another way of adding light – just keep them away from water! To get an original light fixture, find one at a flea market and give it a new modern look by painting it white or other colours. Finally, do not underestimate things like towel racks and cabinets – they cost next to nothing, but they can make a huge difference.


There are many more ways to create an inexpensive country-style bathroom on a budget, such as reclaimed wood and tiles of different colors and patterns.

The key is knowing what changes can make the most significant impact on your budget. If you know where to look for cheap things that still look great, it will be easy for you to create an affordable farmhouse bathroom.


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