Many of us love the idea of living in a cozy farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, but, unfortunately, when we look out of our windows, we see the sights of the city rather than the rolling countryside vista we wish for. But, if city living is your only option, don’t despair! You can still get that cozy farmhouse feeling in your home. Just follow these tips:

Bring the outside in. One of the easiest ways to make your home feel cozier is to bring nature inside. Place plants throughout your home, and use natural materials like wood and stone to decorate. Hang up photos of natural landscapes or paintings that depict rural life. You can even paint murals on your walls showing bucolic scenes if you have the time and skill.

How to create the perfect farmhouse rustic style home in the city., Zazzy Home

Some people love to give their rooms a personality with bright colors and patterns. But if you want a more calming feeling in your home, try going with muted tones and soft fabrics. These will help to create a cozier atmosphere.

Think about the lighting. Poor lighting can really make a space feel dreary and unwelcoming. To avoid this, make sure you have plenty of light sources in your home, both natural and artificial. Place lamps in key spots, and have a soft, warm glow illuminating your home instead of harsh white light.

A fireplace

It doesn’t matter whether you actually have space for a real fireplace or not – adding one to your decor is a sure-fire way of taking things up a notch. If you do happen to have room for an actual recess – go for it!

Fill it with reclaimed bricks, an old wooden mantlepiece, and a cast iron fireplace for that real rustic look. If you’re short on space (or funds!), try adding an electric fireplace or even just a faux mantelpiece – it will still give the room that country feel.

How to create the perfect farmhouse rustic style home in the city., Zazzy Home

If you’re having trouble with wood or coal popping out of the fire, there are some clever solutions for this – firstly, try using a fireguard to prevent any accidents. If that doesn’t work, it can be an idea to surround the flame area with glass panels – these will stop log rollers and sooty coals from jumping out.

 Wooden floors

A wooden floor is a must-have in any farmhouse-style home – and they don’t have to be expensive either! If you’re not able to lay new flooring yourself, there are lots of companies who will do it for you at a fraction of the price of some other types of flooring.

I love the look of a dark stained oak floor, but if that’s not your thing, there are plenty of other colors to choose from. You can even opt for a painted wood floor if you’re short on time/money – I love the look of a pale blue or mint green floor, it’s so pretty!

Pendant lighting

This is another style that doesn’t have to break the bank, as pendant lights are so versatile and can be used in any room. Hang them from industrial style chains as shown here, drape them over the table as you would fairy lights, or use them as spotlights where there is no ceiling light at all – just make sure that they have enough space to move around without being a nuisance!

If your budget isn’t quite big enough for new pendants, don’t worry – there are always second-hand shops like this one which will be able to help you.

A statement chair or sofa

You can’t ever go wrong with a cozy, comfy armchair in your living room, and they can really make the space feel warm and inviting. But, if you’re looking for something different from the usual reclining chairs, why not try an old church pew (from eBay or even freecycle) or buy some vintage wooden school chairs instead? They’re bound to get lots of attention no matter where you put them!

How to create the perfect farmhouse rustic style home in the city., Zazzy Home

Vintage decor, including crockery

If you’ve got the budget, then why not splash out on an antique table or a beautiful vintage dresser – I love this one from Etsy. However, if you’re after something a bit less pricey, then keep your eyes peeled at boot sales and charity shops for anything from plates to bookends. There are so many things out there waiting to be discovered, so take your time and have a good rummage!

A cozy rug

A big, chunky rug is a must in any farmhouse-style home – it’s the perfect place to curl up on a cold winter evening! I love this one from UrbanOutfitters – it’s so pretty and the perfect shade of blue.

If you’re not keen on the idea of spending lots of money on a new rug, then try searching for some vintage rugs on eBay or Etsy instead.

So there you have it, my top tips for creating the perfect farmhouse rustic style home on a budget! I hope you find them useful.



Claire is a blogger, writer, and designer with a passion for making the most out of any space. She's worked in interior design and maintenance for over a decade, and has learned how to make the most of even the smallest room. Claire shares her expertise, where she offers tips and tricks for creating beautiful, functional spaces on any budget. When she's not blogging or designing, Claire enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

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