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How to choose the right size dining table for the number of people in your home, Zazzy Home

How to choose the right size dining table for the number of people in your home

When choosing the size of the dining table, you should consider several factors. Firstly, how many people are in your family or how many guests you usually have for dinner parties.

The more people will be seated at your table, the larger it has to be to accommodate everyone comfortably. You also need to think about the room where you will place your dining table. If there is limited space available in your dining room, you will want a smaller model that won’t occupy all the area in this zone of your home. Another thing to consider when buying a dining set is its design and style – modern or traditional tables come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s essential to know precisely what you’re looking for.

How to choose the right size dining table for the number of people in your home, Zazzy Home

Table height is also an essential factor to take into consideration when choosing a dining set – modern tables are available in at least 30″ high model that will easily accommodate bar stools or chairs with tall backs. Still, people who prefer sitting on “normal” chairs can opt for standard models of 24″-27″. On the other hand, if you prefer more traditional furniture go for 24″-32″ high dining sets that can be easily matched with bar stools. Low tables are popular primarily because they look beautiful and create a cosy atmosphere in your dining room (and allow children to reach their plates easily).

Most modern dining sets measure between 42″ and 44″ high, including the tabletop. This is the best option for people who like sitting on benches or chairs without tall backs as it allows them to relax while eating at the table. An average bench measures 18-20″ from the ground, so if you want to choose a standard one, make sure your legs fit under a traditional 36″-40″ tabletop. If you have smaller children, you will probably need a model with built-in storage that can be used as a bench and a low table. The height of the armchairs or regular chairs is also important – they should measure around 30″ from the ground.

Shorter people don’t have any problems eating at regular tables, but they can look uncomfortable if their legs are too long because they may not fit under the tabletop. If this happens to you regularly, it’s time to buy low furniture – Americans recommend 30″ high models that allow Americans to sit comfortably without looking like giants compared to other people eating at tables.

In addition to these measurements, there are other details to take into consideration when choosing your perfect dining set:

  1. Whether you plan to place it in a small dining room or a large one.
  2. If you want a formal setting or an informal one (with maybe bar stools).
  3. How many seats do you think you’ll need.
  4. If your kitchen area is made of wood flooring, go for a model without wheels, as these products may leave marks on such surfaces.

What about a round dining table?

Round tables are also available both in modern and traditional styles. If you have kids, a family with many members, or a little dining room, this is the best option for you as it leaves all your guest’s plenty of legroom. On the other hand, this model can be slightly more challenging to sit as there is no “head” of the table that everyone knows belongs to the person who sits there. However, some models come with an extra chair on one side so every guest will know where they should sit.

Small round tables are a good choice for people living alone or couples as they make a space look more prominent and easier to move around without having too much empty floor area between pieces of furniture.

A dining room should be comfortable, not only ergonomically designed. It should also provide comfort and style so buyers don’t compromise between practicality and aesthetics. Nowadays, it’s easy to find furniture that will fit perfectly in your room because many manufacturers produce floor models of their goods. In addition, scaled-down models of various kinds of tables, chairs and other pieces of furniture are also popular among buyers who want to decorate their homes affordably.

Today’s manufacturers offer a wide range of styles, designs, and materials for dining table sets. If you like traditional décor, choose a solid wood model with heavy legs – oak is a timeless classic that looks good in every interior; for a more modern look, try a glass top table; if you like old-fashioned but comfortable country style buy one with spindle backs or wooden benches; for more eclectic rooms go for unusual shapes or unique patterns on the tabletop.

You can also find a few examples here: small kitchen tables. Don’t forget about matching chairs – metal ones will look great in an industrial-style setting, while wooden chairs will go well with vintage furniture. When it comes to kitchen table sets, not all buyers like them round. Some people prefer square models because they better separate the space and provide more privacy to everyone sitting there; however, if you plan to play board games with your family or engage in other activities that require everybody’s participation, then a circular dining table is definitely what you need.

Stylish and practical dining table sets create a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen; they’ll help you and your family enjoy the time spent together at the dining table even more. Besides, accessory covered dining chairs can be easily moved or stacked away when not needed, so it’s easy to make extra space for guests arriving without prior notice. Of course, you can always purchase more sets if you need them.


Choosing the right dining table is not an easy task, especially when there are many to choose from. However, this doesn’t mean that buyers should give up and settle for whatever they find first or can afford. On the contrary, every home deserves quality dining furniture to make it cosy and inviting; therefore, follow these simple tips, and you’ll be able to relax in your new kitchen without worrying about whether your dining room will be comfortable enough for both yourself and your guests!


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