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How to Choose the Ideal Area Rug for Your Home, Zazzy Home

How to Choose the Ideal Area Rug for Your Home

There are several reasons that area rugs should be used to carpet a room. They are practical, add warmth and comfort, and add cushioning to wood or tile floors. In addition, they give a room a bit of an artistic value.

Area rugs are like artwork for the floor, with the floor serving as the frame. Size matters. It is usually a big concern for a homeowner who is unsure how to use area rugs to create a space with a good balance.

How to Choose the Ideal Area Rug for Your Home, Zazzy Home

Some interior designers suggest that you start with a rug when decorating. From there, you choose which colors to paint the walls and which throw pillows to use to create the perfect look.

Always follow the rule of thumb that the area rug should be a minimum of six inches away from the wall. Make sure that it is not further than two feet away from the wall, too. You want to take in the different uses for the rug, its shape, and design, but there are additional factors to consider, too.

According to Mahmud Jafri of Dover Rug and Home in Massachusetts, less is more for entrances, stairways, and transitional spaces. The width should match the door space or be a few inches less.

He further advises that if you use a round area rug in the foyer, make sure to center it under a light fixture. Stretch the rug to fit a hallway space, leaving room open on both ends to create balance. If there are furnishings in the hallway, make sure they do not rest on the rug.

Treat a home office space like a cocoon, says Mahmud. Choose a rug that fits both the desk and the chair to create a warm space that makes you feel comfortable while working. This also serves a practical purpose as you will not drag the edges of the chair over the carpet or find yourself tripping.

Malene Barnett, principal of Malene b in Brooklyn, NY, says an area rug should be used as the focal point of a room. She also suggests that a rug provides plenty of space for any furnishings to sit on top of. However, you also do not want the rug to be too small for the space it is serving. In a large living room, for instance, use two rugs to create two separate spaces.

Aimee Beatty, an in-house stylist for Pier 1 Imports, says to choose a rug that extends beyond a coffee table and at least goes under the first set of legs on sofas and chairs. For anyone wishing to place the rug in front of the couch, make sure it runs the same width as the couch. You can make it a little more interesting by placing the rug at an angle. Whatever you do, make sure you choose a rug that does not underwhelm or overpower the room.

The perfect place for a pink round rug is a large bathroom. According to Malene, it is also an excellent place to experiment with colors, patterns, and textures. She suggests that if you choose a color for any room, the rug will inspire the rest of the decor.

Sigal Sasson of RUG-ART agrees with this. Bold patterns of flowers or abstract designs on small rugs can make a room look larger. If you plan to put furniture on it, make sure none of the pieces cover up the designs. Avoid medallion rugs if the furnishings cover a portion of the design.

Outdoor areas are often overlooked, but they can be a terrific place for area rugs. Sigal says it is essential to experiment with textures and shapes that mimic the space. Also, be sure to purchase textiles that are designed for outdoor use.

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