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How to attract birds to your garden, Zazzy Home

How to attract birds to your garden

Birds are fascinating creatures. When I was a little girl, my mother would take me outside to feed the birds. We used to have a birdbath and plants for them so they could eat, drink, and rest before going on their way. Some of my fondest memories with my mom is when we would go out into our garden to watch our feathered friends hopping around from perch to perch in search of food.

How to attract birds to your garden, Zazzy Home

Today, many people think that having a backyard garden isn’t worth it because there’s too much work involved – including maintenance and proper tending – but everyone can agree that watching birds fly over your yard or simply landing right next to you is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. It’s also great because birds are a natural way to fight off pests, so you’ll have a healthy garden without the need for dangerous pesticides.

But how do you make sure that your backyard is perfect for these winged creatures? How do they even know that your garden provides their favorite food and drink spots?

Well, there’s this thing called “bird-friendly” gardening, which means that if you provide certain plants (and avoid others), then the birds won’t be able to resist stopping by. Some people resort to installing bird feeders to attract various species, but did you know that some birds don’t even need any food to visit your garden?

What does a bird need?

A bird needs a safe place where it can sleep and hide during the day. That means that you should avoid using pesticides because they’re poisonous for all living creatures, not just humans. Birds also need shelter from bad weather conditions such as freezing temperatures or strong winds.

You can provide this by planting trees and shrubs right next to your house, so the birds have a place to go when they get really cold. In addition, birds always look for sites where they have easy access to food and water. If you already have a birdbath in your garden, then that’s great! If not, consider purchasing one – preferably of the type where they can drink, bathe, and wash their food.

Make your garden bird-friendly!

If you want to attract birds to your backyard without resorting to adding feeders, then you should do some landscaping with “bird-friendly” plants. There are plenty of different species that will help you out because they provide food, water, shelter, and safety for the birds. Here’s a list of trees and/or shrubs that are best suited for providing these essential elements:

– Acacias – make good nesting sites if they grow big enough

– Berries – provide food for the birds, including fruit trees

– Blackberry – provides food and shelter

– Elderberry – makes a good nesting site while providing food

– Pines – great because they offer shelter from strong winds while also providing food in the form of pine cones

– Willows – make good nesting sites if they grow big enough

These are only some of the plants that are perfect for your garden. If you want to learn more about them, go online and look up “bird-friendly gardening” or similar. You’ll find plenty of information about which species attract certain kinds of birds, how many different species will come to visit your place, what kind of foods you should provide, etcetera. Remember, the more species you attract to your backyard, the better! So, if you’re interested in attracting birds to your garden, then follow these tips for a memorable experience.


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