How to arrange sectional sofas in your living room

The living room is the heart of every home. It’s where you spend your precious time with friends and family, relax after a long day at work, or just unwind and enjoy quality time with yourself. And if you have kids or pets, it’s their favorite place to hang out too! So having an inviting living room that feels like home is really important for everyone in your household.

But sometimes space gets tight because we don’t know how to arrange furniture properly, so we end up cramming everything into one corner of the room – which isn’t ideal for anyone!

How to arrange sectional sofas in your living room, Zazzy Home

This article will show you how to make sure there are plenty of cozy spots for everyone by arranging sectional sofas in your living room.

The key to arranging sectional sofas is to have the back of each piece facing into corners or along walls. Then make sure the space between each piece is divided equally, with enough space left for traffic flow and an open area in the center for seating.

Here are some examples of how you can arrange your sectional sofas in a variety of different living rooms. Remember that these aren’t set rules – they’re simply meant as a guide to help you figure out where everything should go!

Sofa With Chaise In Front Of A Window Seat

This arrangement creates two separate sitting areas, perfect if you have company over because there’ll be plenty of room for everyone. Plus it’s great because there’s a TV in one area and another perfect spot for reading or playing board games, too!

To make this setup, you’ll need to first hang a curtain rod in between two windows. Then take your two window panels and hang them on the outside of the curtains. On top of that, attach another rod about one foot below the existing curtain rod for a total of two hanging rods (this step isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does create nice symmetry). Next, spread out your sofas into their respective positions and place a side table in between the armrests. Now, all that’s needed are some cozy pillows to make your setup just perfect!

How to arrange sectional sofas in your living room, Zazzy Home

Sofa With Seat Boundaries

In this example, a rug is used to define the seating area. This makes it really easy to get comfy by allowing you to know when you’re crossing over from ‘sitting on the sofa’ and ‘sitting in front of the TV.

It also allows you to define at least some of the boundaries with fewer seams, so that’s a big plus. The same principle can be applied to formal seating boundaries, like in this example from Emergence Design.

Setting up and adding new pieces of furniture in a house or room can be great, but it can throw around loads of variables that are already working nicely together – things like the lighting, noise levels, temperature, etcetera. Also, it means shutting off all those things that help us get comfy before we sit down somewhere; we have to consider all those things again when we move something.

If you already know how many seats there will be (e.g., because you’re going to buy/make them), then layering fabric over a rug can work really well as it’s a way of setting up most of the other variables for you and then adding in new pieces on top. The same theory applies if you know where furniture has to be placed; e.g., ‘this sofa has got to go here because the room only fits three along this wall.’ Then make sure you include that spot when calculating fabric coverage so that you don’t have big bits without anything on them or vice versa.

Alternatively, layering up smaller rugs over larger ones can add some extra layer upon which you can put your feet – especially comfy should you decide to take off your shoes! On top of that, they define seating areas and/or boundaries between different activities/functions.

This method is very similar to using a carpet, but it’s not just the fabric that provides comfort. A rug can provide all sorts of things; insulation from the floor, for example (softer in winter and colder in summer), softness underfoot (like wearing socks on tiled or wooden surfaces), sound insulation, and/or sound reflection (depending on the material, thickness etcetera).

Large Sectional With An Armless Sofa In Front Of A Fireplace

If you don’t have a ton of space but still want that cozy living room feel, then consider using an armless sofa in front of your fireplace. It creates division without taking up too much extra room and looks great!

The armless sofa is a great way to separate your living spaces from the furniture. It can give the feeling of a division while not actually providing an obstruction. The lack of arms also makes it much easier for you to navigate the area if you choose to rearrange your living room later.

If your living room was feeling tight and cluttered after adding some great decor pieces, then think about removing the arms of your sofa. This will give you plenty of extra walking room that can help alleviate any crowded feeling that you might have had before.

The armless sofa design is great for almost any type of living room or entertainment area. It’s also a great way to open up the space in your home

U-Shaped Sectional Behind A Couch

This arrangement is perfect for those with smaller rooms since it doesn’t block off any extra space as the previous examples did. It also makes a great setup for playing games or watching TV!

All you need is a couch (U-shaped preferably) and a love seat to achieve this look. If you’re doing this without the corner space, leaving an empty space behind the couch for traffic flow is important. Since most family rooms have at least one wall that protrudes inward, we recommend placing both sofas up against that wall. This way, you can also take advantage of the empty space to not obstruct traffic flow.

With this layout, you should paint the wall behind the love seat in a more contrasting color to make it more visible. A popular choice is blue or dark green since there are already two colors on the wall behind the couch.

For storage, we recommend making use of the space between the wall and your love seat by adding some shelves and cubbies for things like remotes, books, magazines, and knickknacks. Also, you can place some storage ottomans under the love seat to keep blankets and pillows in easy reach for snuggling or napping on the couch!

To break up all of that dark wood furniture, we recommend also placing a large painting above the TV. This is one area where you can really go big and make a statement! If you want a more formal look, try placing plants on either side of the TV to bring in some greenery.

For décor, we recommend reusing the same things from above, like the metallic elements (decorative baskets or vases) and green (plants, of course). And just like with the previous example, you can also add a rug or carpet for extra comfort and warmth.

How to arrange sectional sofas in your living room, Zazzy Home

Sectional With An Armless Sofa And A Coffee Table

This works great if you really want to use your sectional as an extra sofa and have company over all the time – no need to worry about rearranging things when friends come by.

If you want to include a coffee table, try this configuration:

-Place the sectional with one of the chaise ends facing an open space in the room. The sectional should be diagonal from where your guests will come through the door. This is so that when they walk in, they have somewhere to place their coats (and so that your sectional is easy to walk around)

-Place a small round coffee table directly in front of the sectional, close to the chaise end. Then, when you come through the door with guests (and after you place their coats), it will be easy for them to walk across the room and sit down at the table. You can play games or put out a spread of food on this table.

-This is also how you should plan to arrange your room if guests come over and you need to set up some air mattresses (if you have a lot of guests). This way, there will be a place for them to sleep and lounge around.

-If you have a larger sectional, you can eliminate the coffee table and put an ottoman in its place. This ottoman will play the same function as the coffee table and give you another surface to set things on if there are more people. You can even use this in place of a couch for additional seating during parties!

-If you want to create a very casual or comfortable vibe, try using your sectional with an armless chaise instead of the usual back-against-back configuration. This way, you get the storage capabilities of having two extra chaises but can recline on one or the other.

The coffee table is optional for this arrangement as well. If you have a long sectional and don’t want to split it up with any tables, leave this open space in the middle to walk through. It’s a very casual option that allows you to have a full couch on either side with an easy flow of traffic in between.

Elongated Sectional Behind A Couch

Longer sofas are great for squeezing into tight spaces without sacrificing comfort or visual appeal while still providing enough seating area for everyone who comes over.

There are three types of “elongated” seating: the classic L-shape, the gentle curve of a horseshoe shape, and the more modern U-shape. The L-shape is also known as a “three-cushion sofa” due to the three main structures: one at either end of the piece and a central arm that supports and separates the two cushions.

This particular L-shaped elongated couch measures 4 feet wide with 86 inches in length, allowing for seating space without taking up too much real estate.

A slight variation on the L-shape elongated couch has its front legs set at an angle rather than perpendicular to the floor. This helps create a more modern look that is streamlined and contemporary, not as much of a throwback to the Victorian era.

The gentle horseshoe curve elongated couch has curves at both ends, with just one curved arm supporting and separating two larger cushions. These types of sofas are most often used in conversation areas in living rooms but can also be very useful behind sectional or chaise lounges to provide additional space for guests.

This type of elongated couch is a modern twist on the L-shaped design, creating a more streamlined and contemporary look. It also allows you to sit comfortably without sacrificing too much seating area in your room.

Another option for a long sofa such as this is the U-shaped design, which also has two sofas that face each other and a center table between them. This variation on the L-shape provides even more intimacy for conversing with company without sacrificing the seating area.

The size of the sofa depends greatly on the space you have to work with and how much seating area you need. When choosing an elongated couch for your home, choose one that is long enough to provide a seating area without sacrificing comfort or space.

For those trying to squeeze an elongated couch into a smaller room, a good choice is an L-shape with storage components on each end. These sofas are the perfect blend of form and function, allowing you to maximize your living area while still providing enough seating to entertain your guests.

Sofa With Chaise On One Side Of The Room

This arrangement is great if you don’t have much space because it allows you to tuck the sectional into a corner. You can even place an ottoman in front of it instead of a coffee table if you want, plus there’s a nice open area for people to hang out.

If you decorate your living room in this manner, then you’ll also need to make sure that the color scheme is cohesive. For example, you could choose a neutral grey sofa with red pillows as an accent and red drapes. This type of design will not only be modern, but it will also give the impression that there is more space than there really is in the room. Of course, it’s a good idea to use something with some texture to avoid any boredom, too, such as a patterned rug or wall art.

Sofa In The Middle Of The Room

Sometimes you want as much seating as possible, which is when this living room arrangement would be perfect! It provides plenty of seating options, plus an open area for kids or pets to play or people to gather around if someone needs help getting up.

You can also alternate the pattern on the sectional with pillows, sofas, and accent chairs to break up a solid color. For example, you might choose a blue sofa for one end of the couch and a red pillows for the other. In addition to adding some texture to your layout, this is also an easy way to make a cohesive design statement.

For instance, you might have a red sectional couch with blue accent pillows that are placed in the center of the room, flanked by two ottomans on each end. Since this option can accommodate so many people comfortably, it’s great for parties or even family movie nights!

Sofa By A Bookshelf

If you have a lot of books or knickknacks that you like to keep around, this living room arrangement is perfect for keeping everything visible while still providing plenty of seating options. You can also switch up which side the sofa is on if that works better.

The main things you need are a couch, two end tables, a floor lamp (optional), and bookshelves.

Bookshelves: 2-3 bookshelves are adequate for this arrangement, but if you have more stuff you want to show off or more room in your living room, then you can set up additional bookcases.

End Tables: These end tables match the coffee table and sofa in color and texture, which creates a streamlined look that fits together nicely. They also have shelves on top of them, so you can put books or picture frames on them or whatever other knickknacks you want to show off.

Coffee Table: The coffee table is a great height for this living room arrangement, and it matches the other pieces in color and texture, which helps tie everything together. Plus, if you have kids (or clumsy adults) that could bump into the table while running around, the glass top will protect it from getting damaged.

Lamp (optional): Floor lamps are great because they provide extra light and show off whatever decor you have on the base of the lamp.

Those are some examples of how you can arrange your sectional sofas in a variety of different living rooms by having each piece face into the corners or along the walls, then dividing up the space between each piece equally. Remember that you can always change things around if you need to in order to create a functional and inviting living room for everyone in your household!


As you can see, arranging sectional sofas in your living room is a relatively straightforward process. Just follow these steps, and soon enough, you’ll have the perfect spot for gathering with family and friends or simply relaxing on your own when it’s time to unwind from a long day at work.

Don’t forget that our team of experts is ready to provide help if needed! We’re always happy to offer advice about how best to decorate different spaces within your home.

If any part of this article was unclear, please let us know by leaving a comment below; we’d be more than happy to clarify any points not covered as thoroughly as they could have been. And thanks again for reading!


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