How Much to Spend on Bedroom Furniture: Get the Right Items for Your Budget

Bedroom furniture is a big purchase. For most people, it’s one of the largest investments they’ll make for their home. So how much should you spend on bedroom furniture? It depends on your budget and what style you’re going for, but there are some important things to consider before making a final decision.

Depending on your preferred style and the quality of items you go for, we would suggest you budget between $1,000 and $2,000 when it comes to updating your bedroom.

How Much to Spend on Bedroom Furniture: Get the Right Items for Your Budget, Zazzy Home

We’ve created this guide that will help walk you through everything from price ranges to where to shop so that when the time comes for you to buy new bedroom furniture, it doesn’t turn into an all-day affair!

Budget: The biggest determining factor for how much you should spend on bedroom furniture is your budget. If it’s a low or tight one, that might limit the options available to you regarding what type and quality of items are within range, but don’t worry! There are still plenty of great pieces out there at more affordable prices.

Quality: The quality of the materials and craftsmanship can make a major difference in how much your furniture will cost. You’ll want to consider things like type (wooden, metal, etc.), size (twin, full), style (modern/contemporary vs. traditional), construction process, upholstery material(s), and more.

Style: The style of your furniture will also play a major role in determining how much you’ll spend. If it’s contemporary and modern, the prices can be quite different than if you’re going for more traditional pieces. For example, queen beds are significantly less expensive when they come with a headboard, footboard, and side rails, whereas bed frames without these features would cost closer to $500 or more.

Where You Shop: Where do you plan on buying bedroom furniture? There are many places that sell items like this – retail outlets (stores), department stores (departments), online retailers/eCommerce websites – so it all depends on what works best for you! Some people might feel better shopping at an

Price Ranges: And of course, there are some price ranges you might want to keep in mind when shopping for bedroom furniture. For example, a twin bed is much less expensive than an additional full or queen size one because it takes up far less room and allows the space to be used for other things such as storage.

How Much to Spend on Bedroom Furniture: Get the Right Items for Your Budget, Zazzy Home

But don’t forget to check out some other options! For example, you might find that you can get higher-quality bedroom furniture for less at stores such as IKEA or Rooms To Go (both of which have great selections and lower prices).

Or if it’s something more specific that you’re looking for, then consider shopping online where there are tons of different websites with just about every style imaginable on them – from antique French country looks to ultra-modern contemporary designs. There really is no excuse not to be able to find what your heart desires when you start browsing around!

Now let’s take a look at some key points:

Replace or revamp your exiting bedroom furniture?

If you’re looking to revamp your bedroom, a good place to start is with the furniture. It’s best not to replace all of it at once, as this can be too expensive and overwhelming for some people, but instead, it may make sense just to change one or two pieces in conjunction with other changes.

For example: if you have a new headboard on your bed, replacing the chest of drawers could be an easy way to update the look without making big investments. Or vice versa – if you want more space for storage, then maybe swapping out your dresser might help?

It’s important to think about what you want your bedroom to look and feel like before setting out on a shopping spree. Do you have any specific colors in mind? Or do you want something more minimalistic? It may also make sense for the type of sleeper that inhabits your room: if two people sleep in one bed, then it might be worth investing in extra storage space or double beds – but if just one person sleeps here, then they can afford less furniture with plenty of floor space left over for personal items.

How Much to Spend on Bedroom Furniture: Get the Right Items for Your Budget, Zazzy Home

The same is true for children versus adults; perhaps bunked beds will suit younger kids better than traditional single-sized ones, while teenagers might prefer a little privacy by getting their own rooms instead…

How much does it cost to furnish a bedroom?

It depends on what you’re looking to buy. If you want a bare-bones bedroom, it could cost as little as $200 for the essentials (bed and mattress). Of course, the sky’s the limit if your budget is unlimited – but most people don’t have that kind of money when furnishing their first apartment or house. This article will show how much you should spend in each category based on your price range so that you get the best bang for your buck.

Bedroom furniture prices vary depending on the type, size, quality, location, and brand name. For example, a queen bed alone can be priced anywhere from $500-$1500+; mattresses are usually around $150-$300+. Cheaper alternatives include IKEA’s RAST line of beds, which start at $79 for a twin. You can also save money by purchasing a used bed.

The following guide is based on the national average of prices for each type of furniture you might need to furnish a bedroom:

-bed $200-$2000+

-mattress $100 – 500+

-nightstand $50 and up

-dresser/chest of drawers (combined) $200-$1000$

-closet rod with shelves, hangers, or both under it $150? – 300? + depending on size/height, material & brand

-TV stand $100-$300+

-desk chair $50 and up

-nightstand lamp or lamps with shade, bulbs, and charger $30+, depending on the quality of bulb & brand name of the lamp; these are usually sold separately from the nightstand. A cheap alternative is a small bedside table light that plugs into your outlet for under $15

How Much to Spend on Bedroom Furniture: Get the Right Items for Your Budget, Zazzy Home

-window treatment: curtains (including curtain rod) typically come in sets at around $150 – 300+. Sheer window panels might be between 50% to 75% cheaper than regular curtains because they’re less durable. Blinds start at around 250$ but can cost over 1000$. Shades also start at about $200, though some brands run higher priced; solar shades will cost more due to the added power needed.

-carpet or area rug $100-$1000+ depending on size, quality, and brand

-personalized art that matches your bedroom decor and style: start at about $20 for a canvas print measuring 12″x12”, up to thousands of dollars for custom pieces (usually commissioned)

You now know how much you should spend in each category! If I had a budget of under $2000, then my recommended list would be as follows:

*bed – queen size bed frame with mattress + box spring*nightstands x two*dressers/chest of drawers – one dresser & chest combined; this is enough storage space if you’re living alone but not if you have a family*carpet or area rug – one of each

This is just an example list to give people starting points. It’s important to figure out what your priorities are and spend accordingly! For instance, if I was on a budget but still wanted storage space for clothes, the first thing that would go from this list would be the second dresser/chest combo because it provides more drawers than nightstands do. A used bed might also be worth considering in order to save money; look at Craigslist for good deals.

If you have redecorated your bedroom recently, tell us in the comments section how it went.


Interior designer and home improvement blogger, Abby has over 20 years of experience in the field. After working as a designer in New York City, she moved to the suburbs and began blogging about her design projects and tips. Abby's work has been featured in magazines and online, and she is always looking for new ways to make her home look beautiful and inviting. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and hiking.

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