The life expectancy of painted cedar surfaces is highly dependent on how well they are maintained. A poorly maintained painting job may result in peeling or fading within only a couple of seasons, while properly maintained painting jobs that undergo routine maintenance should last anywhere between three to five years before needing complete restoration.

How long does paint last on cedar siding, Zazzy Home

Wood is a porous material. Because of this, water can easily seep through the wood and begin to degrade it. Cedar siding has a large amount of exposed surface area due to its vertical grooves, making it a prime target for water damage. To protect cedar from weather, paint is applied to seal the wood and prevent damage from occurring. This article will explore how long does paint lasts on cedar siding.

Cedar must be prepared before painting. All old paint that is peeling or cracking must be removed, and any holes or cracks should be filled in before applying a new coat of paint. Cedar can also be pressure-washed to remove dirt and grime, but the wood must dry completely before painting begins.

All cedar surfaces must have a rain-resistant undercoat applied prior to top coating with paint. A primer or sealer can be used to produce this undercoat, but the most common type of product is a wax-based low-VOC stripper that produces an oil base. After the oil base has been applied, two coats of top paint are all that is necessary to properly protect cedar surfaces.

How long does paint last on cedar siding, Zazzy Home

When painting cedar surfaces, it is important to choose only high quality paints that have been developed for use on wood. Oil-based paints give off large amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and release vapors into the air while drying – both harmful effects on one’s health. Latex paints do not provide as much coverage, but they dry more quickly and don’t trigger chemical reactions in the home with oil-based paints. Acrylic latex paints are not suitable for use on cedar siding due to their degradation from ultraviolet radiation from sunlight exposure. While oil-based paints darken over time, acrylics will remain tacky and may start flaking within as little as six months after application if they are used on cedar siding instead of oil-based paint.

When properly maintained, cedar siding painted with oil-based paints should last between five to seven years before showing any signs of wear and tear. If not sufficiently protected, the paint will begin to fade within only a year or two after application. Latex paints used on cedar surfaces typically last three to four years before requiring complete restorations.

The proper maintenance of painted cedar surfaces is essential to ensure that they remain protected and attractive for as long as possible. Cedar requires a coat of oil-based primer before painting, and the topcoats of paint should be reapplied at least every two years to keep the wood properly sealed and protected from water damage and weather.

How long does paint last on cedar siding, Zazzy Home

Paint will begin to lift and peel within only a year or two if it isn’t maintained properly. Latex paints used on cedar siding provide less protection than oil-based paints but also require less frequent applications.


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