Himalayan Salt lamps are a type of salt rock lamp. They provide the benefits of both salt and lighting. The use of them dates back to 200 BC, where they were used as selenite lamps in Persia (Iran).

Himalayan pink salt lamps emit a soft beautiful orange/red glow that provides warmth and comfort to any room. Many cultures claim the Himalayan pink salt lamp has healing abilities due to its naturally ionizing properties which can help with allergy and asthma sufferers by removing pollutants from the air such as dust mites, bacteria, pollen etc..

It is believed that just like how plants convert CO2 into breathable oxygen during photosynthesis, so does the lamp itself absorb moisture and allergens present within your environment and release clean, ionized air.

Himalayan pink salt lamps are available in many different shapes and sizes for almost any use possible. Whether you’re looking to purify the air of your bedroom while sleeping, use it as an attractive night light in children’s bedrooms or bathrooms, place it on your office desk for clear thinking encouraging concentration or even bask yourself under its calming glow while meditating or reading a book. One of the most popular uses is placing them near areas where there are computers so that they can absorb electromagnetic radiation from monitors and TV screens etc.

The lamp itself consists of very dense crystals that have formed over millions of years by the evaporation of ancient seas that used to cover the Himalayan region in Pakistan and India. Formed under very high pressure and low-temperature conditions, the crystals have many inclusions of other minerals that have been trapped inside.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of benefits from owning a Himalayan Salt lamp. We certainly wouldn’t want this beautiful piece rotting away in some dark corner in your house. You surely would like it to last as long as possible. The thing is… with proper care these lamps can easily last for 10-20 years or even longer with little maintenance involved! But how do you make sure you’ll get the maximum out of it? Here are some helpful tips:

Dust/dirt on the exterior surfaces may not seem much of a deal but can greatly affect the function and look of your lamp over time if left unattended. Just dust it off with a piece of cloth and you’re good to go!

Unplug your lamp when not in use. Although these lamps don’t get hot at all, leaving them plugged in while away can cause higher than normal power usage which will shorten their life span.

Avoid placing direct sunlight over the lamp because this could lead to overheating or even discolouration of crystals if left for longer periods. This damage is irreversible so avoid direct light rays at any cost!

Do not touch your salt lamp without clean hands since body oil from the hand makes minerals porous eventually destroying the outer layer of minerals resulting in a lower yield of therapeutic benefits.

If possible, try to place it near an open window or door where fresh air could pass through. If this is not possible, make sure to change the air inside your room at least once every few hours, especially in the bedroom where you spend over 6 hours of your day sleeping.

Using it as a night light will also produce a noticeable difference in the quality of sleep. If you’re suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders then you should definitely consider using it before going to bed!

Keep an eye on humidity levels too. Although salt lamps are known for their ability to absorb moisture and cleanse pollutants from the air, they can also absorb an excess amount of water if placed next to damp areas such as near bathrooms or kitchen sinks etc… This can result in damage over time so try not to keep them within these reachable distances to avoid this.

And last but not the least, never ever place it over or near any part of your electrical appliances! Although they don’t get hot to cause so much damage, still these salts are known for their ability to conduct electricity. So stay safe and avoid placing them within 1-2 feet radius of any electronic device so there’s no chance these lamps can cause damage!

While salt lamps are unlikely to explode like some electronic devices might (which is one of the reasons that makes Himalayan Salt lamps very popular), you should always be extra careful when keeping them around home electronics. After all, prevention is better than cure!

You now know how long does a Himalayan salt lamp last if given proper care. There’s rocket science involved really. Just minimal maintenance is needed to keep these decorative pieces lovely for many years! Just follow the tips provided in this article and you’ll be good to go!

Do let us know if you have any queries or would like further clarifications on anything discussed here. Your feedback is most welcome which will help our readers better understand Himalayan Salt lamps and create awareness about them over time.


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