any people don’t think about the height of the sink in their bathroom or kitchen, but it is crucial. If your sink is too high, you will find it very hard to use and hurt yourself. Here are some simple guidelines on how high your sinks should be.

The height of the sink affects how comfortable it is for you when you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth. It can also affect the lives of other household members because if everyone has to bend over far to wash dishes, they might get back pains or just plain old aches and pains.

How high should your sinks be?, Zazzy Home

Also, if someone younger than you (such as a child) has to stand on a stool just to brush their teeth, that’s not right either. People should only be inconvenienced as much as necessary.

So how high should your sink be? Well, that depends on two things: 1) who will be using it and 2) what the function of the sink is.

1) The first thing you need to take into consideration is who will be using it. The general rule of thumb is that if you’re short (under 5’1), then sinks should be mounted so that they are at 20″ above the floor or lower. If you’re between 5′-5’11, then 22″-24″ above the floor is a good option. Finally, if you’re taller than 6′, 28″-32″ above the floor would be best.

2) For adults using kitchen sinks, keep in mind that they will be doing a lot of washing, and you don’t want them to have to bend over too far. However, if children are using the sink, how high it is becoming less important because they probably won’t be standing there for very long anyway (they will most likely just wash their hands quickly and leave), and they don’t need to scrub dishes adults do.

Handy tip: Keep in mind that young children shouldn’t be allowed near the sink unsupervised, especially if it is higher than 15″ off the ground.

For bathroom sinks, where people mostly brush their teeth or shave, the height still matters but can be slightly lower. But both children and adults should not have to lean down too far.

The best way to tell what height sink would work best for your situation is to measure everyone who will be using it (including yourself) and make a note of the heights. Then, when buying your new sink, you’ll know exactly what size you need. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you’re short or tall (unless you’re over 6′), as long as your sink is the right height for the people who will be using it.

And finally, we get to the function of the sink (basically how dirty you want/need it). If your bathroom is hosting a lot of messy teenagers, you should aim for a higher sink, usually one that is close to 36″ above the floor. However, if only adults and children use those sinks, 24″-28″ would still work but might not always be as easy and convenient as a lower sink. Also, if your kitchen will see a lot of messy guests like kids and teens (or even people who cook messily), go for something around 24″-32″ depending on who will use it.

If none of these factors applies to your situation, just keep in mind that sinks should be 16″ to 20″ above your standard counter. So now you know how high your sink should be and what the rules are. Happy shopping!



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