How Do I Choose a Rug?

They say the devil is in the detail. This is no truer than in the choice of an area rug for a space. Go too big, and it rides up the walls or trips up people or even furniture. On the other hand, if you go too small, it will look like a haphazard mistake that people will comment on every time they come over. It turns out that there are some tips on how to choose the right sized area rug for different spaces.

Choosing The Right Area Rug Style For Your Home 

For many people, what attracts them to their friends’ homes or a designer’s showroom is the tasteful use of a fascinating focal point. It can be a little like trying to match mixed patterns, such as two floral patterns and some stripes for most of us.

How Do I Choose a Rug?, Zazzy Home

The best part is that some tips will help ease your way through this part of the process. For example, in the dining room, you might do well to pick a pattern because it breaks apart the one mainstay most people have — a wooden table.

That is why you will commonly see Oriental rugs in a dining room. The pattern provides something interesting that does double duty to mask spots. For this reason, you may want to opt for a darker or richer color scheme for the dining room area rug. In addition, having patterns will let you further distract from the stains by fascinating the eye on the patterns.

Meanwhile, where bedroom area rugs are concerned, you want to know that the rug is comfortable. It should feel good on the feet. After all, you might be spending a lot of time walking around in your bare feet and need to feel comfortable.

Speaking of flowers and big patterns, which you might see in the living room, you need some good solid color where this is happening. Meanwhile, if you have solid upholstery, a patterned area rug is in order. The other part of the matter was touched upon lightly in the bedroom. But, the material of the area rugs matters as much as how they look and feel.

Material Benefits

For instance, you might want a fabric whose fibers have been treated for stain protection in the dining room. However, you might choose wool because it comes clean and is more durable and easier to maintain than other fabrics. Sisal is popular, but it does require replacement fairly often compared to other carpeting. Write down the styles and manufacturer names for easy re-ordering.

How Do I Choose a Rug?, Zazzy Home

Similarly, if you choose Berber carpet in your bedroom, know that it will take up the oils from your feet or body. If you have a dog, for instance, it can make the carpet look stained. Berber is affordable but does pick up body oils easily and also, like sisal, requires replacement.

Measurements And Proportions

One rule of thumb starts with the living room involves recognizing and measuring the contact points of the furniture legs. The idea is to ensure the front legs are all on the area rug per separate sitting space. It is great if the whole piece of furniture, including the back legs, fits on the rug as well. Try this to make the room all feel more pulled together and cohesive. In addition, it will help make a better look altogether.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, most of the area rug will reside under your bed. It depends on the whole setup of furniture in the bedroom, but it can be useful and visually appealing to see a few feet of carpet extending out from every side of the bed.

It is great if the area rug can reach out six feet on all sides around the table in the eating area or dining room. This is important because it means that your dining chairs will still have four feet planted on the area rug.

The other manner of determining the right size of rug for a dining room is to take the entire measurements of the room then subtract 1.5 feet from it. This ensures a pleasant proportion of carpet sticking out from the table and a nice ratio of flooring showing as well.

Rugs are a great way to add visual interest, protect underlying floors, and enjoy warmth beneath your feet. There are many great ways to size them up and many styles to suit different tastes. In addition, look at the many materials to enjoy the carpet’s feel and look.


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