How can people live without a bidet?

The bidet is a thing of beauty. It’s the only device in your bathroom that has one single purpose: to make life more comfortable and keep your hygiene at its peak. Many people don’t know what it is, let alone have seen one or have ever used one themselves. But according to some experts, you should be using a bidet every day for better health even if you never use toilet paper! Let me explain why the bidet is so important and how it can change your life for the better.

How can people live without a bidet?, Zazzy Home

What is a bidet, and how does it work

The bidet is a device that has been designed as a replacement for toilet paper. The water jet-sprays the anus and the genital area. This process removes any waste products in these areas. It also washes the person clean. Many people find it quite necessary to have their bidet because it helps them maintain a good hygiene level.

A bidet usually has two nozzle heads, one at the front of the toilet bowl and one on the top or left-hand side of the toilet bowl near the tank, which wash different parts of your body. The nozzle head can be adjusted according to your needs. Bidets are becoming more popular around the world, so manufacturers are noticing this demand, and they are coming up with newer models. This means that more and more people realize the benefits of a bidet.

You must have seen handheld sprayers on the market as well, these can be attached to the toilet bowl, and they use different attachments to accomplish their job efficiently. Bidets are better than these handheld sprayers because the water is sprayed directly onto your body rather than being sprayed in an arc-like a handheld shower would do it. Some people choose not to buy a separate bidet but instead buy toilet seats that come with built-in bidets for convenience.

The process of using a bidet

A person sits on the toilet bowl seat as usual. He puts his feet on a footrest, so he is slightly raised from the seat. He calls for the bidet by pressing a button on the wall, or a more traditional and old-fashioned option would be to just tap on the pipes with your hand three times. The nozzle comes down near his body, and he adjusts it according to his needs. Waste products are washed away, which leaves him feeling clean and refreshed without having damaged delicate skin in any way.

When was it invented?

The original bidet was invented during the French reign in 18th century Europe, but surprisingly enough, they didn’t use water! Instead, they used a cloth soaked in perfume that was wiped along with their private areas as an alternative to toilet paper or some other kind of cleaning material that is available nowadays. However, it wasn’t until many years later that the bidet was introduced to the public, and even when it did, it was something only the rich could afford.

How can people live without a bidet?, Zazzy Home

The first models used water, but they weren’t very effective, so later on, in 1894, a new design came about that used pressurized water to spray out of a nozzle head which created the powerful stream we have today. However, it wasn’t until 1926 when King Alfonso XIII made Europe’s first modern bidet standard for every household.

Even though he isn’t credited with its invention, his contribution has been immeasurable because people from all over Europe now own their bidets, which is how they should be!

Why you should use one every day

A bidet can be found in many countries around the world. This is because it’s an important device for hygiene, and without a bidet, some people may feel uncomfortable and unclean. A bidet is different from a toilet because it has only one purpose: to make your life more comfortable and keep your personal hygiene at its peak.

Those who have never seen or used a bidet before may find it hard to understand the need for one, especially if they live in a country where there is no such device.

It’s easy enough to use because you just need to fill up the bowl with water when you want to go for number two (if you have any remaining waste, clean it up with toilet paper). And then you just need to sit down and feel the relaxing water cleaning your butt.

It doesn’t take long before you realize how important a bidet is because it can help increase personal hygiene by getting rid of the waste that is stuck in places where water can’t reach them!

The best part is, this device can be found in many countries around the world. Of course, its popularity may differ depending on what country you are from, but its importance remains constant: keeping yourself clean and hygienic!

Benefits of using a bidet

In addition to the benefits of using a bidet for personal hygiene, bidets also provide other health and environmentally friendly benefits. For example, bidets can help people who struggle with chronic constipation or have trouble keeping themselves clean.

The bidet can be used not only by adults but for children as well. They can help protect people from infections when combined with good handwashing habits. The use of a bidet provides an opportunity to maintain optimal personal hygiene (even with limited access to water) while also reducing emissions from wastewater treatment plants: in which human waste is processed and then released back into the environment.

In the past, bidets were mainly used in Asia and Europe. But now, you can find them almost anywhere. Unfortunately, although they have been discovered by the Western world, internal plumbing is not always available for a great number of people around the world, so they remain unfamiliar with this important device.

If you think that installing a bidet would be too difficult or expensive to do yourself, then just imagine all of the benefits it could bring to your life. Everyone should get one! There are many things on this earth that make a living easier – such as computers, cell phones, etc., but if you ask us what we would take if we could only choose one thing, it would definitely be a toilet with a bidet attachment!

How can people live without a bidet?, Zazzy Home

The types of bidets available on the market today

There are many different types of bidets on the market today. Some bidets have a nozzle, some have an oscillating function, and some even move from side to side! There is a bidet out there that will suit your needs. The different kinds of bidets available on the market today:

1. Bidet with nozzles, common in Japan and Korea, this kind of bidet is actually more intense than others because it can spray in different directions. This kind can also be used as a body shower or nozzle for cleaning pets.

2. Bidet with oscillating function is well known in Europe and America where only cold water is used to clean the posterior after defecation. Oscillating means that the temperature of the water will go from cold to hot and back repeatedly.

3. Bidet that moves from side to side includes warm water, which makes washing smoother and comfortable. These bidets are very popular around Asia like Japan and Korea. In addition, it is very common in high-class hotels.

4. Bidet with seat warmer, some bidets are sold with a built-in heater, this makes the toilet seat warmer, and it can be adjusted to different temperatures like the back of your mobile phone or TV remote control!

In most cases, bidets are used to cleanse, disinfect and even massage users because the nozzle or stream of water can be set to change direction depending on how you sit on the bidet. This offers more comfort to people when they use it for toileting, making them feel like they go to an exclusive washroom service at a 5-star hotel!

How to choose the right bidet for your bathroom needs

There are two main factors to consider when selecting the right bidet for your bathroom needs. The first factor is your plumbing configuration. For example, suppose you have a typical toilet with running water. In that case, you can install a bidet very easily by connecting it under the toilet seat with one of the many available attachments.

If you have an old-fashioned non-running toilet or prefer to install a bidet in an area without running water, other options are available. One option is to replace your existing toilet with a new modern sitting waterless model that includes a built-in bidet, and another alternative is to add a separate bidet fixture next to the existing toilet.

The second factor to consider when selecting a bidet for your bathroom needs is the type of bidet you want. Each type offers different features and functionality, so consider your own needs for each bathroom in your home before deciding which is best for you. There are two main types of bidets:

How can people live without a bidet?, Zazzy Home

An electric bidet consists of a separate fixture installed next to or instead of the existing toilet. An electronic bidet is connected beneath the lid on an existing toilet via a hose that connects underneath the seat with easily adjustable water temperature and pressure controls.

A Non-electric/manual model has its own faucet control levers mounted on a side wall near the toilet bowl, attached directly to it by long thin hoses; these are used primarily in Japan and India — not easy!

There may also be a third type of bidet known as a “washlet,” which is similar to the electric model but is completely self-contained into one combined unit; it usually retracts/collapses inward when not in use.

The types of features available will determine your needs and budget requirements. There are many different manufacturers, each having its own unique features, so do some research before deciding your choice for style and functionality.

Most modern electronic bidets offer warm water for cleaning, heated seats, adjustable water pressure control (nice!), air deodorizer, and drying fan blowing onto the skin, and there may even be a blow dryer feature! And then there’s all the other stuff we think about only after we’ve already gone through life without one, like heated toilet seats!

An electronic bidet is easier to install than a stand-alone manual model, but it is more expensive. A non-electric or manual model includes its separate faucet controls and can be installed on any existing toilet without plumbing changes; however, these models are usually more difficult to adjust for water pressure, temperature, and nozzle positioning.

Generally speaking, there are no real differences in the quality of function between the different brands; they all work well with varying degrees of ease. Also, you will notice that some newer models have combination features such as adding warm air drying after the wash process; this allows you to use them on humid days without ruining your clothing as an ordinary bidet might do.

You may have to spend a little longer reading the fine print and doing some comparison shopping, but in the end, your individual needs will help you decide which bidet is right for you.




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