How can I quickly and cheaply create a bar in my home?

Home bars are all the rage right now, and for a good reason. They provide a space where you can serve drinks to friends and family and keep wine, beer, and spirits handy for your personal use. Unfortunately, though it’s an appealing concept, finding the time and money to build a fully functional bar in your home is tough.

Fortunately, with just a few simple tools and supplies, you can put together an attractive stand-alone countertop that will fit into practically any room of your home. This short guide will help you start building your custom bar so that you can enjoy it before the next party season begins!

How can I quickly and cheaply create a bar in my home?, Zazzy Home

Pick out the countertop material: 

The first step is choosing a material for the counter itself. The most common wood used for this is oak, but you can use virtually any kind of hardwood or plywood that you like. More expensive woods are often more durable and resistant to stains.

Once you have decided on a wood, pick out the material for the backboard. This generally consists of plywood or hardboard for stability and support. You can paint or stain both of these materials to get exactly the look you want. Secure them together with screws before attaching them to the bottom board. If they are not already attached when you buy them, ask your supplier to do it for you so that they can custom-cut them to fit perfectly into your bar structure.

Check that all four corners of the bottom board touch the ground by placing a ruler on them and checking it with a level.

Once all four sides are level, drill holes in every corner through the top into the bottom board. Attach your screws evenly around each hole so that everything is securely fastened together. These will be used to secure your backboard to the countertop later on.

Finish building the frame:

Next, you will have to build a frame inside your bar’s outer structure – this is what gives it its shape and sturdiness, so you don’t want anything going wrong here! Use 1×2 boards for both sides, and attach them using nails or screws at their edges, so they stay put. Then, add 2×4 crossbeams across the bottom and top to give the structure even more stability.

Attach a false bottom:

Once you have constructed a frame around your bar’s outside edges, it’s time to install a false floor so that everything is easy to sweep or vacuum out when necessary. This can be done using either hardboard or plywood – whichever one you use, attach it securely using the same screws as before. Next, customize the interior space as desired: Now comes the fun part where you can customize all of those extra spaces inside your bar for storage space and organization purposes.

How can I quickly and cheaply create a bar in my home?, Zazzy Home

Each home bartender will require different amounts of storage space depending on their particular needs, but here are some tips that will help you get started! First, keep shot glasses and similar small glassware in a little sliding drawer.

This is simple to make using 1×2 or 1×3 boards, which you can attach to the front of your bar using hinges. Put wine bottles in an overhead rack for easy access whenever you need to pour yourself a glass.

Install casters under your bartop:

If you have included a sink in your design, it might be helpful to install caster wheels underneath so that you can easily wheel the whole thing out when necessary!

The wheels should be small enough that they don’t take up too much room while still being sturdy and robust sufficient to support the weight of the entire structure – measure yours before purchasing if possible. Next, pour a custom concrete countertop: This is the trickiest part, but it’s also the most rewarding in terms of getting exactly what you want.

First, consider your placement options so that you can decide how much room to leave for the faucet. Once you have decided on this, purchase enough plywood or hardboard to create a smooth top surface large enough for everything you might need in a bar area in your home! Attach it securely in place using screws and then seal over any exposed seams with waterproof sealant.

Add the shelves:

Now that your outer structure is complete, you can start working on the actual storage area of the bar. Fit a 2×2 board across one side and attach it with nails or screws. These will be very strong and sturdy to support all your big bottles and glasses.

On a second 2×2, mount a wine rack for standard wine bottles or a brace for six to eight beer cans if you prefer something shorter. Leave about half an inch of space between each shelf so that everything stays organized and looks lovely!

How can I quickly and cheaply create a bar in my home?, Zazzy Home

To finish this design, install some cabinets over the top part of the bar where people can easily reach them from their seats. You’ll have to drill holes for the door hinges, but you can attach your cabinets at the desired height once it’s done.

The shelves should be made of either plywood or hardboard – this makes them lightweight enough to not interfere with the countertop at all! Mount these about half an inch apart from each other to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Add decorative details: 

Decorate your bar however you like, but here are some ideas to get you started!

Add lighting features – lamps or recessed lights work well. Lean empty liquor boxes against the wall around the perimeter of your bar for decoration. Mount wooden plates on the walls near the cabinets to establish an “eating area.”

Make sure that whatever light fixtures you choose are made of either ceramic or glass so they will not pose a fire hazard and be easy to clean as needed!

Now you’ve got a fully functional home bar fit for any occasion and purpose! And it didn’t cost much money at all and took minimal time and effort, either.


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