If you have a modern style and still think traditional rugs belong in your living room, you should definitely reevaluate. Rugs nowadays can be found in all shapes and sizes, materials, and designs – what used to be simply colorful pieces of fabric that would add design to an otherwise boring room has evolved into something more complex that might require some guidance. Luckily for you, we’re not here to judge you but instead guide you through the journey of finding the perfect rug for your home.

Have you considered an unusual style rug for your living room?, Zazzy Home

First off, let’s talk about the most important factor when it comes to rugs: space requirements. No matter how gorgeous is this area rug, if it doesn’t fit in your room, then there won’t be any point in buying it. So measure the space you’re planning to put your rug at before rushing into local department stores or browsing online. If you have limited space, then it’s best to go for a round rug that won’t take up too much room.

Once you’ve got your measurements, next comes material. Rugs are made of all sorts of materials nowadays, so try visiting your local store and getting familiar with them. Modern rugs can be both hand-knotted or machine made – the latter being cheaper but not as good quality wise, so if you want something budget friendly, consider opting for a machine made one. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more traditional, opt for handmade ones instead. Also, don’t forget that rugs come in different shapes and sizes. In this case, the bigger your rug is, the more expensive it will be, so make sure to pick a size that suits you best without breaking the bank.

Next, think about where you’ll place your new modern rug in your living room in order to get maximum mileage out of it – if, for example, you feel like a smaller space would provide a better atmosphere in terms of design and colors, go for a small sized rug instead of going big. Next, once you’ve found the perfect spot, think about whether there’s any furniture around that might cover up part of it or leave marks on its surface. Lastly, take into account how well lit your room is at all times of the day because rugs come in different light conditions – some are darker than others, and some might be brighter than others as well.

Have you considered an unusual style rug for your living room?, Zazzy Home

Ok, now that we’ve got the most important parts of rug choosing out of the way, it’s time to find a design that you like! You can go for tribal rugs if you’re looking for something more traditional and, on the other hand, print ones if you want something fancier and modern. Oversized rugs are perfect for open spaces, while small area rugs fit better in smaller rooms, so choose accordingly. Play around with colors and patterns until you find one that suits your style best- make sure not to go too bold because it might clash with your furniture or small enough to where nobody will notice it.

Once all these points are considered, you’ll soon realize how much fun you can get – just type into local search engines or online stores ‘ modern rugs ‘, ‘ handmade rugs ‘ or even simply ‘rugs’ and browse through the countless designs until you find one that matches your style.

And finally, let’s talk about price. Of course, owning a stylish rug will not break the bank, but if you do some research before buying it, you’ll know exactly what to expect when making the purchase. Plus, all of these great places for finding cheap modern rugs are right at your fingertips – start shopping now!

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