Who among us doesn’t love the look and feel of a cosy farmhouse style living room; the open log fire, the exposed wooden beams and subtle colours and designs.

Unfortunately, in reality it isn’t so easy to enjoy. A living room that has a rustic touch is not an easy feat to pull off, but once you do, you’ll realise what a great look it can bring and you’ll quickly forget all the hard work it took.

The easiest way to get the farmhouse rustic look you want for your home is by choosing to decorate in a modern style or by combining modern pieces with vintage furniture. The following are some suggestions that will assist you in decorating your living room with rustic elements without breaking the bank.

1) Lighting: When it comes to decorating with rustic accents, one of the things that the majority of people get wrong is the lighting. Lighting should complement your decoration and match or blend in perfectly. Unfortunately rustic does not match well with chandeliers and other glamorous light fixtures so you may have to buy new fixtures. Your rustic living room will look best with lighting options such as wooden lamps, earthen lamps, or even hanging lights.

2) Make use of natural materials. The majority of the pieces of furniture in rustic living room should be crafted from natural materials such as wood and cane to give the space a feel that is more at home. If you decide that fabric upholstery is the route you want to go, you should make sure that it is well-tailored and not too flimsy. You can also add more personality to your decoration by spray painting the frames of tables and cabinets with a variety of colours such as vintage yellow, orange, red, or black, for example. This will give your space more personality.

3) Large windows. Even though large window are not an essential component of the rustic look, you can still incorporate them into your living room to give it an updated appearance. You can also have glass panels installed in sliding doors and walls, which will not only let more light into your living room but will also give the impression that the space is more expansive.

4) Make use of accessories: The use of accessories, such as table lamps, vases, trays, and other similar items, plays an important part in adding an the finishing touches to a homely rustic room. Make sure to pick out lovely vases for the flowers that have a colour scheme that is similar to the one already used in your decoration so everything blends together nicely. Personalising a room with artwork can also be accomplished by using pictures of natural landscapes and countryside paintings.

5) Flooring: Installing tile flooring throughout your living room is one of the simplest ways to get started decorating your living room in a rustic style. To get a sense of how the space will appear once it is fully finished, you can choose tiles that are uncomplicated yet appealing and arrange them in a pattern that resembles brickwork. To create some warmth and break up the patter, consider a couple of neutral shade area rugs.

6) Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns. If you want your living room to have a more country feel, try using patterned rugs or curtains. When contrasted with small-patterned rugs, wooden flooring looks and functions much better. However, it is strongly suggested that you select straightforward designs for your windows because, if you don’t, the end result will be an appearance that is both overly busy and out of place.

Hopefully these brief suggests have given you something to think about if you are considering a rustic look next time you redecorate. Best of all, most of these suggests won’t break the bank!

Now you are armed with some insights, it is also a good idea to look through online furniture catalogues so that you have an exact idea of what to include in your living room and what to leave out of it. This will allow you to get the most out of your space.


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