A living room with a rustic touch is not an easy feat to pull off, but once you do, you’ll realize what a great look it can bring. You can go with modern style or simple pieces combined with vintage furniture to get the look for your home. Here are some tips on how to incorporate rustic accents into your living room without breaking the bank.

1) Lighting: One of the things that most people fail at when decorating with rustic accents is lighting. It’s very important that lighting should be able to compliment your decoration and should match or blend in perfectly as rustic does not match well with chandeliers and other glamorous light fixtures. Wooden lamps, earthen lamps, and even hanging lights will work best for your rustic living room.

Get the rustic living room look without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

2) Use of natural materials: The majority of the furniture in a rustic-themed living room should be made from natural materials such as wood and cane to give it that homey touch. Even the pillows and carpets imported from other countries should also be checked to see whether they are made from en or cotton or wool. If you want to go for fabric upholstery, make sure that it is well-tailored and not flimsy. Frames of tables and cabinets can also be spray-painted with different color shades like vintage yellow, orange, red, black, etc., which will add more character to your decoration.

3) Large glass windows: Although glass windows are not an integral part of the rustic look, you can include them in your living room to give it a fresh look. You can also have sliding doors and walls put up with glass panels, as this will allow more light to come through and make your living room appear larger.

4) Use of accessories: Accessories, which include table lamps, vases, trays, etc., play a key role in adding that extra rustic touch to your decorating. Be sure to choose beautiful vessels for flowers that match the color scheme already present in your decoration. Also by using photo frames with images from natural landscapes can prove a good option for personalizing your space with artwork.

5) Flooring: One of the easiest ways to get started with your rustic living room is by laying tiled flooring throughout. You can choose simple yet attractive tiles that are laid out in a brick-like pattern to give an idea of how the room will look when it’s complete.

6) wall art is another element that must be considered while decorating a rustic living room. Since this type of decor usually has rough wooden beams, you can paint these on one or more walls to give an old feel to your space. Mannequins decorated with farming tools and other accessories will also bring down the appearance of your entire space. If you have large windows, simply displaying dried flowers or plants can go a long way in making your decoration look its best. Finally, don’t forget to add some family photos here and there for a personal touch.

Get the rustic living room look without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

7) Play with patterns: Patterned rugs or curtains can be used in the living room to add a rustic element to your decor. Wooden flooring works better when contrasted with small-patterned rugs laid throughout the space. However, it’s recommended that you choose simple designs for your window treatments, or else it will end up looking too busy and out of place.

If you have been looking for inspiration on how to get that rustic living room look without breaking the bank, then these tips should give you an idea of how to go about doing so. With these suggestions in mind, it would also be a good idea to go through furniture catalogs online so that you have an exact idea of what to include in your living room and what to omit. A rustic themed living room can add a new dimension of charm and comfort to any home, so try out these suggestions immediately!

Get the rustic living room look without breaking the bank, Zazzy Home

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