Lawn Aerator Shoes were thought up by a man who was annoyed by how much time, effort, and difficulty it was to manually aerate his yard for natural grass seeding. At first, he tied together several pieces of wood with some nails sticking out of them. Still, after realizing that this wasn’t effective enough, he decided to modify the design into what you see above (he’s now selling these on Amazon). He came up with an idea where all you’d need would be a pair of sturdy boots and some sharp metal tines attached to their soles. And well, obviously, after looking at the comments section, I can see that quite a few people say it doesn’t work, but some swear by this method.

Do lawn aerator shoes really work?, Zazzy Home

Lawn Aerator Shoes are more convenient than the traditional methods since you don’t have to spend all day bending over and churning up your back to ensure you’ve done a thorough job. Plus, they may give you some incentive to get out there and do the job yourself instead of hiring someone else for about $100 or so if you live in an area where lawn service is expensive (never heard of ’em before). So with Lawn Aerator Shoes, at least try it once for yourself?

One thing is certain, though- these things are not going away anytime soon, considering how many people are purchasing them lately. You can even buy them in bulk for the convenience of having them all the time just in case you need to aerate your yard.

Having an increase in the number of earthworms in your lawn means there’ll be less compaction, which will mean there’ll be more room for air and water to go throughout the soil. That will result in healthier plants (which also look nicer) and better tasting vegetables when you’re picking watermelons or tomatoes.

Do lawn aerator shoes really work?, Zazzy Home

Lawn Aerator Shoes reduce compaction because when you step on the ground using them instead of a normal shoe, thousands of tiny air bubbles get into the soil through little channels dug out by these blades.

But there are a few drawbacks- for example, aerating your lawn with Lawn Aerator Shoes means you’re walking all over the soil and doing it manually, so this can result in greater damage to certain parts of your yard that may be particularly soft or even pretty rocky. Another drawback is that your yard will compact again soon after you’ve finished using them if you don’t take any action toward preventing it – although less so if you regularly aerate your yard.


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