Creating the perfect Disney themed bedroom for a child

Everyone loves Disney. When you are little, all of the characters are bigger than life and have a sense of adventure that gets your heart racing. Even as an adult, these characters seem to bring out the child in us all.

From children’s movies to adults-only themes, there is no shame in love for Disney culture. Of course, this type of thematic decorating can be applied to any room of your home, but few rooms lend themselves as nicely to this type of art direction as the bedroom does.

Kids today are still able to enjoy their favorite Disney films on DVD or even on regular television with the use of DVR, Netflix streaming options, etc., but it can still mean something more putting up those favorite images on their bedroom walls where they will see them every day. This is even more true if they are accompanied by quotes, pictures, or other personalized touches that the child will enjoy.

Creating the perfect Disney themed bedroom for a child, Zazzy Home

Here we look at creating a perfect Disney theme bedroom for any age!

The Princess Room

For little girls and boys who love all things, princess and princes, having a room decorated with these characters really bring out their inner royalty. You can find bedding in almost any color imaginable to match any existing decorations so long as the image on the sheets shows either Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, or Sleeping Beauty/Snow White in some way.

Along with the bedding, wall hangings, lamps and other home decor items can be found to match any color scheme you are planning for the room. Since Disney Princesses are all over the map in terms of hair colors, it is really up to your discretion on which ‘type’ of princess you want to have in this room.

Another good thing about having a Disney-themed bedroom is that there are many kid friendly furniture manufacturers that offer matching pieces, so if your child wants a Little Mermaid dresser or Aladdin lamp, they will fit right in without looking like an adult invaded their space.

For the little girls who are obsessed with princesses, decorating a room around their favorite Disney Princess would be ideal. Using bedding that has their chosen princess on it is a great way to tie everything together and create a themed space that your child will enjoy spending time in.

You can easily find matching lamps, furniture, stuffed animals, curtains, etc., which makes it easy to transform any bedroom into a fairytale land of fun. It’s okay for an adult to help out with this type of redecorating project as well because you know what is best for the aesthetic you are trying to achieve

The amount of research needed depends on how embellished or ornate you want the room to be. There are thousands of licensed products and third-party items that feature your favorite princesses, so you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Disney princess themed bedrooms are always a hit with girls. Bedsheets, curtains, lampshades, bed covers – you can find them all here

For little girls who love everything Disney Princess, this bedroom is sure to leave them in awe! The Belle bedding sets create an elegant look perfect for any young lady’s tastes! Add some Ariel lamps on the nightstands for staying up late reading stories or playing games!

For older teens or tweens looking for something more mature, try decorating the room with Cinderella bedding featuring beautiful gold trimmings and designs that look like they were hand-sewn, if they like to read, how about a bookcase to store all their books and electronic devices when not in use.

Creating the perfect Disney themed bedroom for a child, Zazzy Home

The Cars Room

Here is another great way to bring out your child’s love of cars while also allowing them to enjoy their favorite Pixar characters. If your child is more of a Mater fan than Lightning, don’t sweat it! Cars 2 was not nearly as popular with kids as the original but still had some great moments for children to enjoy

Like the Disney Princesses, there are several different colors of cars that are popular with different age groups, so why not pick up matching bedding and lampshades in either red or blue?

The only thing that might be tricky is finding Cars themed decor in all of the colors. One way around this is to use colored paper lanterns inside your lamps to match the color in the image on the bedding.

Even though it’s hard to see, the cars illustrated on the wall hanging are painted with a somewhat shiny gloss paint which would look great with paper lanterns of any color you choose to surround them with.

The Mickey Mouse Room

Something about Mickey and Minnie Mouse just makes people smile no matter what age they might be. However, if your child is more of a Disney Afternoon fan, perhaps this room can be themed around Wreck-it Ralph or other motion picture characters:

Your goal here should be to pick up as many matching pieces as possible so that when your child wakes up in their theme bedroom, they will feel like they have traveled into the land of make-believe where dreams really do come true! So be sure to buy a Mickey Mouse night light and clock that will fit into the theme you’ve chosen, and don’t be afraid to match your child’s existing furniture or bedding if it is already in Disney style.

The Jungle Room

Lion King, Tarzan… whatever your child’s favorite jungle story may be, there is no denying that the Jungle themed room is an exciting way to set up their space

One of the greatest things about this type of room is that you can use elements from several different movies. This allows for almost limitless options when shopping for new pieces.

My son would probably go crazy over having some king of a treehouse built up on top of his dresser, complete with little squirrels running around inside of it!- The great thing about this room is that you can make it as real or as fake as you want

A birdcage, a chandelier, and plenty of ropes…There are so many ways to turn your child’s Jungle themed room into a fun and exciting space. You can even add the classic stuffed animals to the bed.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to turning your child’s Jungle themed room into an exciting place for them to play and explore.

Whether you want to bring some jungle animals and plants into their room or build up a whole jungle for them to play in, the Jungle themed room is an exciting addition to any child’s room!

– Green is always a great way to go when setting the scene for your Jungle. Almost every Jungle has green somewhere in it, so why shouldn’t yours?

– Trees are also an essential part of any jungle. They provide shelter and shade, which makes them a part of most people’s ‘must haves’ list

– Don’t forget about all the vines growing everywhere! Your child will love having different types of vines hanging down from their canopy bed or surrounding one corner of their room…especially if they like Tarzan like my son!- he likes anything with his name on it!

– A comfy jungle themed bedroom chair will give them a nice place to relax.

– Last but not least is the waterfall. This can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be. You can purchase a small water pump and place it in the bottom of your child’s fish tank before adding river rocks to create an authentic-looking ‘river’ flowing throughout their room!

– It is also nice to add some real animals. Whether you use stuffed animals or real ones, you will find that they are very helpful when creating your Jungle themed room

There are so many ways to go about setting up your child’s Jungle themed room without having to train them how to live in the wild…unless, of course, if that is what you want 😉

So why not take your kids imagination for a little spin today? – They will love being able to turn their bedroom into a wonderful new adventure every day with the help of the fun and exciting Jungle themed room.

The Under the Sea Room

Finding Nemo, The Little Mermaid, The Sponge Bob Square Pants Movie… these are just a few of the great movies that can inspire fun under the sea-themed room decor. One good thing about this theme is that it really doesn’t matter if you have a boy or girl since both genders love all things water-related

For a little boy’s room, I would paint tropical fish on the walls and look for glass desk lampshades in blue or green with matching bedding to create an underwater feel. For girls, I might go with something like Finding Dory, which has more vivid colors and characters that will appeal to them, such as Flounder and even Crush from Finding Nemo. Either way, a little imagination can go a long way towards creating a beautiful under the sea themed room decor with matching wall decals.

One of my favorite ways to create an under the sea room is with nautical themes since mermaids and other water creatures are considered part of that culture. I enjoy putting up fishing nets or even lifebuoys as decorations, along with shells, sand dollars, and starfish from your local craft store.

If you have wallpaper on your wall, it can actually work really well for this theme too. Just find an underwater scene you like and place it on top of the wallpaper background. You may also want to think about having a quote or saying above your child’s bed about the sea. Something that will strike their imagination while they are sleeping

Another great idea is to have an area rug with a beach or underwater theme. You could even go really big and do both for a room that feels like it has been taken out of an under the sea aquarium! The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own little ocean world, especially if you make sure all elements are in tune with one another decor wise.

The Toy Story Room

Toy Story featured many characters that are perfect for Disney bedroom decorating. The Buzz Lightyear bedspread is a great way to capture the essence of the movie while also bringing some color into the room. The curtains can be made from blue gingham fabric with white dots. If you have a sewing machine, then this project is simple enough to do on your own

An alternative option would be to purchase some pre-made Toy Story sheets or buy pillowcases and simply tie them onto curtain rods. This will save time if you’re short on patience or just looking for an easy fix! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a fast project, then why not create some Toy Story wall art? You could use the characters as stencils and spray paint each character onto a canvas.

Next up is Buzz Lightyear’s ultimate space adventure… The space shuttle from the movie! This fun spaceship toy box will certainly have your kids squealing with delight upon seeing it in their room. If you can’t find an affordable replica of this toy, then look for a plain blue or grey chest that has similar dimensions.

Toy Story’s favorite, Woody, is also popular on bedroom walls, so why not distress a silhouette of him and tack it to the wall to match the color scheme of your room? All you need are white cardboard cut-outs (one slightly larger than the other), a pencil, some masking tape, and glue.

To complete the room, add some Toy Story pictures to your walls or simply paint any Toy Story character onto them instead! A mobile is another quick fix for this room. Simply print off images of all of your favorite characters on card stock paper or directly onto poster board, cut them out, and attach each one with yarn.

Toy Story also features many great vehicles that would make awesome additions to a child’s bedroom decor. We’d recommend Woody’s horse Bullseye or Jessie’s cowgirl boots. The boots are a great addition to any child’s room as they’re not only fun but also provide a bit of storage space! Now your little one can have their own “lasso” for hanging up their clothes or pajama pants.

Our final suggestion for Toy Story bedroom decor is the most time-consuming… but also the most impressive. If you happen to have a large wall area, you could afford to paint, then creating a huge mural would be perfect! Perhaps you could base it around Woody and Buzz finding each other again after getting separated at the Pizza Planet restaurant? This is an epic scene from the movie and is certain to catch everyone’s attention as soon as they walk into your kid’s bedroom.

If painting is not your thing, then doing an internet search will provide you with many Toy Story-inspired murals or decals that are available to purchase online.

The Big Boys Room

Maybe your child is at an age where they don’t want all of their favorite “girly” characters displayed and would rather focus on items and colors more suited for a young man. If this sounds like something your son may be interested in, then consider investing in some superhero bedding. This can prove fairly easy when dealing with licensed products. But, if you want to make sure you are getting the most for your money, make sure it is made of quality material and that the product is durable.

After all, if the product falls apart quickly, that means you will probably be back at square one in no time.

Of course, if you are hoping for a more permanent solution to bedding, then creating some superhero murals or posters can do the trick! You could use these on their own or add them into the blue and white themed bedroom we previously discussed.

Now we’re going to jump onto something that is undoubted “boy related,” and that is none other than cars. Most boys love playing with toy cars of all shapes and sizes! This means finding a design for your little man’s room isn’t difficult at all. For example, why not look around your house for an old large cardboard box? Cut it in half so you have two long boxes which can be attached together using duct tape. Paint one of the boxes yellow and leave the other one brown (or any colors you like, really). Of course, this is not the only way to construct a car. You could easily use some boxes and glue, or perhaps even make one out of wood!


Of course, there are countless ways you could create a Disney-themed bedroom, but hopefully, this guide has given you a few ideas to take away and make your own. If your child’s bedroom is lucky enough to have its own en suite bathroom, then don’t forget a Disney themed shower curtain!


Interior designer and home improvement blogger, Abby has over 20 years of experience in the field. After working as a designer in New York City, she moved to the suburbs and began blogging about her design projects and tips. Abby's work has been featured in magazines and online, and she is always looking for new ways to make her home look beautiful and inviting. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, and hiking.

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