Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom

One of the first considerations is whether you want your bathroom to mimic a spa-like environment or if you’re looking for something a little less soothing and more youthful. If you’re opting for the latter, then it’s worth considering bright colors like green or yellow. The problem with these options is that they can be overwhelming when paired with patterns and accessories.

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom, Zazzy Home

For this reason, it might be better to opt for something more neutral like white, off-white, cream, or gray. These shades make it easier to incorporate other design elements and textures into the space without feeling crowded.

You can also utilize earthy tones, which evoke feelings of relaxation and warmth in the home. One great suggestion is toning down a warm color by using it in combination with white or off-white. This is especially popular for bathrooms that have tiled flooring since the color can be seen throughout the space. Also, using a color like brown in the bathroom creates a unique sense of style.

The most important thing to remember when selecting paint colors for the bathroom is that you will want something that can stand up to water. This means opting for either an eggshell or satin finish as opposed to flat and low-sheen paints. If you’re still unsure about what would work best, consider asking professionals at your local hardware store for help!

There are a variety of colors that work well in the bathroom, but they typically have to be kept neutral or toned down with white or, in some cases, black. This is because bathrooms tend to be smaller spaces where the brightness can seem overwhelming. Patterns and accessories can also become cluttered if bright colors are paired together, so it’s best to opt for more soothing tones like green, blue, gray, or white.

Accent walls make great partitions while adding interest to otherwise boring walls, which is why this is such a popular way of decorating bedrooms. Soothing colors like blue and green pair very well with white but striking off-white and black accents. Consider blue if you have white cabinets since the color will contrast nicely.

Green is great for matching with wood while adding warmth to the room at the same time. But if you’re opting for a different kind of finish, then consider painting your bathroom walls in shades of gray that coordinate well with other elements in the space.

Consider pairing stark white walls with sleek black accessories like towel racks and countertops for a modern look. This is one example where bright colors might actually work better than neutrals because they pop against each other while maintaining a subtlety that isn’t too visually overwhelming.

Another option is light walls paired with dark accents like black towel racks, countertops, and paint. This can be done by either painting the walls in bright shades or simply choosing white cabinets, which will contrast nicely against even the darkest accessories.

Whatever colors you choose for your bathroom, it’s important to consider how they flow with other design elements in the space, such as cabinets and flooring. With these ideas in mind, you’re sure to create a cozy space where guests are always welcome!

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom, Zazzy Home

Which paint is right for your bathroom

When it comes to painting colors, there are a variety of options, with each one having different quirks. One option that may be lacking in your collection is neutral colors. There are many benefits to painting your bathroom with neutrals. First, they tend to allow more light into the room and avoid giving the area a cramped feeling. Second, using neutrals allows you to add pops of color to create a bigger impression, making your bathroom a fun place for everyone!

Neutral colors come in a variety of formulas, from matte to high gloss. While an important consideration when picking out paint is durability, it’s also helpful to consider the type of “white” you want. For example, some whites have a yellow tinge, while others may appear gray and leave your room looking cold and stark. The good news about neutral paints is that they match everything and can be easily changed if you get tired of them or want something different down the road.

The best part about painting your bathroom with neutrals is that you can change accents at any point in time, from re-painting the walls to changing up knobs on storage units to accessorizing! Also, imagine how much fun you could have with color wheel-inspired accessories.

Paint swatches of the most popular neutrals are below!

Beige/Cream (Sherwin Williams’ “Suede”)

Gray (Ben Moore’s “New Harbor”)

White (Sherwin Williams’ “Snowbound”)

Notice how different they all look since each is slightly off-white and has a different level of sheen. While one may be more expensive than the other, it also reflects light differently, allowing some spaces to feel brighter. And while certain paints may require a specific paint color for trim or accent, oftentimes neutral colors can go over existing color with little issue.

However, always test out your new paint first on a small inconspicuous area. That way, if there is an issue, you can take care of it before painting over the entire room. The effect will be worth it!

If you’re ready to paint your bathroom a neutral color, consider looking at some of our previous posts here, and be sure to read about which paint colors work best for other spaces in your home!

Choosing the right colour scheme for your bathroom, Zazzy Home

How to make your bathroom more inviting

Are you worried that your bathroom doesn’t seem inviting enough? It might be that the colors are too dark or otherwise just not well-suited to the space. Read on for some tips on what kind of paint color may work best for you, along with some examples for inspiration.

The color of the walls in your bathroom can really affect the mood and feeling that’s invoked by the room. More subdued paint color may help make it feel a bit more relaxing, while a brighter one will have just the opposite effect! Here are some ideas to get you started.

Neutral colors tend to be those with brown undertones, such as taupes or grays. These work particularly well for bathrooms because they fit in well no matter what other colors are being used elsewhere in the home. For example, if you have hardwood floors throughout most of your house but want a calm bathroom, neutral base paint colors like these ones are good bets.

Light neutrals are the most popular paint colors for any room of the house. They can fit into various schemes and work well with rich accent colors, making them a versatile choice. Darker shades like these ones here would be suitable for more masculine decoration schemes, while lighter hues are great if you’re after a more feminine look.

Solid bright colors can also give your bathroom a dramatic new look! This is an especially good idea if you don’t have much natural light in there already, as it’ll help to bring more life to the space–and bring yourself too whenever you use it.


Paint your bathroom space in neutral colors, and you will be able to create a welcoming environment for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female, old or young; what matters is the colors that you paint it with.

And when it comes to this one space in your home, some colors just work better than others-namely neutral ones. So here’s a brief of some of the best colors for this space! Thanks for reading! Comment below on which color would suit your idea of an inviting bathroom most?


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