In the middle of a bathroom design and considering your bathing options going forward, do you need a new bath? Either way, you have a good number of choices when it comes to choosing a place to lay back and soak your troubles away.

Some of the most popular options are listed below, but a few to be mindful of are the tub, walk-in shower or combination bath and shower.

Choosing the right bath for your bathroom, Zazzy Home

*Tub: A traditional tub is often seen as an updated version of what many households had in the past for bathing purposes. It can take up quite a bit of space, so if you’re looking at remodelling your bathroom on one floor of your home with limited square footage, this may not be your best choice.*Walk-In Shower: This is very popular among homeowners because it has plenty of room and storage options inside; they typically have doors that swing open entirely so that there’s enough room for two people to comfortably bathe without running into each other (or bumping elbows). They also come equipped with a seat to help make the bathing experience even more comfortable for seniors.

*Combination Bath and Shower: This is a popular choice among homeowners because it provides easy access while still very spacious. They’re also typically much cheaper than walk-in showers, so if you’re looking for something that will be easier on your budget, this may be the way to go.*Whirlpools: These are becoming increasingly popular in homes with baths as they can provide both relaxation and luxury at an affordable price point. As long as there’s room available, install one of these!

Corner Baths

Corner baths are designed to make the most of your available space, using a sweeping design that fits well in corners. The majority of corner baths are wider than standard straight or inset baths, meaning you will still be able to soak and enjoy this luxurious bathing experience.

This bath type makes full use of any angle and space available, creating more room for you to enjoy yourself and benefit from the relaxing water jets while remaining seated comfortably on either side without bending over, which is excellent if you have back problems like arthritis or sciatica pain. In addition, there’s usually more space for bath accessories, which is great if you want to take a bath with a friend or partner.

Straight Baths

The straight bath is a timeless, elegant design. The bath fits in with the corner of the wall snugly at one end or both. They are easy to install and aesthetically pleasing.

Choosing the right bath for your bathroom, Zazzy Home

One of the more popular styles for bathrooms is the straight bathroom. Taps can be fitted at one end of a tub or in the middle for double-ended tubs. The bath is ideal for narrow spaces and can fit snugly into a corner.

Straight bathtubs are easy to install, simple in design, but elegant too. They will work well with your bathroom décor if you want to keep it minimal or as the central focus of a more detailed look.

There are two types: those that have taps on one end only and those that have taps on either side – some come with both options fitted, so you don’t need to worry about where the plumbing goes before installation begins.

The most popular style has one tap fitted near the back wall, which makes cleaning difficult. However, this bath may suit people who wish to maximize space inside their small bathrooms without sacrificing performance when it comes time to bath.

The bath can also be fitted with a push-button mixer tap which is more expensive but does make bath time easier to manage for those who may have trouble reaching the taps at the back of the bath. So if you want an easy installation, this bath will work well in your bathroom space and allow you to enjoy bathing without any worries about whether or not it’s possible to clean all over with ease.


When your space is limited in a bathroom, it’s often tricky to figure out what type of bathing environment you want. For example, some people prefer to have an all-inclusive shower room, whereas others would rather have the option of taking a soak occasionally in the tub.

If you want the best of both worlds, then a corner bath will be your dream come true. With this design, there will be shower space and tub capacity in tandem with one another – imagine how nice it’ll feel to take a refreshing shower after soaking in the gentle embrace of your newfound relaxation. In addition, more advanced designs like P-, or L-shaped baths allow for more expansive comfort when showering, as they typically have one provided that might otherwise be seen at an enclosure location.

Choosing the right bath for your bathroom, Zazzy Home


The sleek P-shaped bathtub brings a sense of style and elegance to the bathroom. With its rounded showering area, the tub provides ample space for comfortable showers without feeling confined. In addition, its curved edge protects floors from water coming out of the showerhead.

The bathtub also saves on space with its compact design. Occupying a small footprint, the bath fits in any bathroom and is easy to install. In addition, the bath’s depth ranges from 20 – 25 inches which makes it perfect for adults or children alike.

A bath without any corners creates more room than traditional bathtubs while still providing an added sense of luxury. In addition, because there are no sharp angles, P-shaped Baths can be installed up against a wall for a seamless look that will make your bathroom feel larger than ever before!

Another benefit of adding this elongated tub to your home is the noise reduction you’ll get through soft materials like silicone and rubber that cover the most exposed areas next to hardware accessories such as bath taps and bath fixtures that can be pretty loud at times.

P-SHAPED Baths are perfect for those who love to bathe in a bathtub but want the added luxury of space and comfort with its sleek design!

The P-shaped bathtub brings style and elegance into any bathroom. The bath’s rounded shower area gives ample room without feeling confined while also protecting floors from water coming out of the showerhead thanks to its curved edge.

Choosing the right bath for your bathroom, Zazzy Home


L-shaped showers offer spacious, contemporary designs for bathrooms with modern sensibilities. These shower enclosures are created by the angle of the tub at one end with a rubber seal and expansive screen to contain the water within it. In addition, the showerhead can be mounted on either end with some L-shaped bathtubs to achieve a unique and innovative look.

Some people are hesitant about installing an L-shape bathtub because they think it will take up too much space in your bathroom. However, this may not be true if you have just enough room for one bathtub but still want more room for other necessities like toiletries or changing clothes. Also, smaller sizes make them perfect for tight spaces where every inch counts!

A few reasons why you should install an LM shaped tub:

Sleek design that is modern and timeless

Easy to clean the bathtub without having to reach all around it

L-shaped bathtubs fit better in smaller bathrooms or those with little storage.

They come in a variety of sizes which is perfect for any situation!

No need to sacrifice other necessities; L-shape bathtubs make your space look more organized than ever before! These are just some reasons why you should consider installing an L-SHAPED bathtub today. It will be worth it!

The pros outweigh the cons when considering these bathtubs for your bathroom layout. This decision could change how you feel about renovating or remodelling because many people can benefit from this update. And let’s not forget that they can be installed in just about any bathtub space, no matter how small.

Acrylic Baths

Acrylic baths are typically produced from a sheet of acrylic reinforced underneath with either a steel or wooden frame. The bathtub is then framed in the centre and covered by spraying on fibreglass reinforcement. Acrylic bathtubs are lightweight and offer great value for money.

Depending on the design, size, and accessories, acrylic bathtub prices start from $800 to over $1000.

Benefits of acrylic bathtubs:

– Lightweight;

– Available in many different shapes, sizes and colours;

– Can be installed into almost any space imaginable, including tight corners or awkward spaces within a bathroom layout (e.g., near doorways). Acrylic baths will not scratch easily, which means that they can remain clean without using harsh chemicals like hydrochloric acid or bleaching agents to keep them looking new; – Easy to repair if there is damage such as scratches or chips with simple touch up paint available at most hardware stores;

– Easy to clean without the need for harsh cleaners that could harm bathtub surfaces. Acrylic bathtubs are made of a smooth, high-gloss surface which makes them very easy and quick to wipe down with just a rag or sponge

Drawbacks: The acrylic bathtubs may be susceptible to heat over time and may eventually start crapping off flakes in some areas on the edges where it is most exposed to water. They also tend not to have finished pieces at bathtub ends – including no lip along the edge so they can provide space for staging items such as toiletries (especially if your bathroom has limited storage).

Summary: With all these benefits, many people choose acrylic baths because they offer great value for money. The bathtubs themselves are lightweight, available in many different shapes and colours, can be installed into almost any space imaginable, and will not scratch easily, so they won’t need to use harsh chemicals or bleaching agents to keep them looking new. They’re also easy to clean with just a rag or sponge – making upkeep quick!

Steel Baths

Steel bathtubs are bathtubs that have a steel coating. Steel bathtub coatings can be applied in different ways, including spray-on polyester powder coating for bathtubs or cast aluminum bathtub liners with stainless steel on the outside to form an all-over metal coating.

The benefits of using these baths are primarily aesthetic. They may include: lower corrosion rates, better color retention, reduced maintenance costs because it doesn’t chip like enamel-coated baths, etc. However, the drawbacks may include a possible increased risk of rusting due to water condensing inside the bathtub when it’s not being used (since there isn’t any paint/coating blocking moisture from forming), leading to more maintenance costs bathtub not lasting as long.


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