There is nothing in the electrical codes that prevents multiple appliances from being operated on the same circuit at the same time. In most cases, this is done to prevent circuits from becoming overloaded, which can result in the breakers being tripped or even worse. The number of amps that can be supplied to appliances is directly proportional to the size of the circuit breaker. More amps are drawn by anything that contains an electric motor than by anything else.

There shouldn’t be a problem as long as your dishwasher and garbage disposal are both connected to a circuit breaker rated for 15 amps. However, if you are using 10 amps on one circuit, you may want to consider adding another circuit if there are other appliances that you would like to run at the same time, such as lighting in the kitchen or a refrigerator that combines a freezer.

The dishwasher can be an exception to this rule if it has its very own dedicated circuit. The garbage disposal is always on because that is its default setting. If you were to assign one of the circuits to the dishwasher, it would leave the remaining circuits available for use with other types of appliances.






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