A dresser is a set of drawers used for storing clothes and other items. Over time, these drawers may become damaged or lose some functionality due to wear and tear. While many people don’t think it’s possible, a dresser drawer can often be fixed with a new glides kit.

Replacing the screws on the bottom of the dresser drawer is an easy first step. If this doesn’t work, replacing the glides on all of the drawers in question is recommended, as well as totally rebuilding or even replacing the drawer boxes if necessary. A rebuild kit will allow you to replace just about every part inside of each dresser drawer, from sliders to runners and everything in between, without having to buy a whole new unit.

Can dresser drawers be fixed, Zazzy Home

Keep in mind that different dresser drawer brands and styles may vary. You may need to purchase a specific rebuild kit like those used to fix drawers made by Ashley Furniture or many other major manufacturers.

After the old glides are removed from the dresser drawers, it’s important to inspect them carefully. If they’re broken, there can be debris such as hair or dust inside of them. This can cause problems with the new glides later on down the line if not taken care of before installation takes place. Any debris should be cleaned out so neither you nor your guests will feel uncomfortable moving around the dresser once again.

This step is where measuring, and even trial fitting comes into play for both wood and metal replacement drawers glides. Just because you may have found what you think are perfectly suitable replacements, it’s important to take the extra time here to double-check that they’re truly the right size.

The old drawer slide installation screws should be removed from the inside of each dresser drawer as well before starting an installation or rebuild process either on your own or with a little help from a friend. Some dresser drawers will have holes for both metal and wood screws, so make sure you know which type of screw is needed before moving forward, especially if there are existing screws in place.

Finally, new drawer slides should be installed into position by first sliding them over the bottom wood runners inside of each dresser drawer box. If any new glides are made of metal, they can be secured by installing the screws removed during the preparation process. They should then slide right onto the bottom drawer runners on your dresser.

Can dresser drawers be fixed, Zazzy Home

Once all of the new glides are installed, it’s important to double-check that everything is functioning correctly before putting them back into use. For example, a dresser with damaged drawers may have been working fine prior to replacement work being done, but this doesn’t mean there won’t be problems after you put it all back together.

Make sure that each drawer slides freely up and down inside of its box while also remaining level on both sides when lifted up or pushed down to close it completely. If any issues are found at this time, don’t hesitate to go back and make the necessary corrections.

If the dresser drawers are still having issues after this, testing your work by placing weight on top of each drawer is recommended to see if they’re able to support any additional pressure. This should indicate whether or not you will need to do more work, including replacing other worn-down parts inside of each dresser drawer box. If this is the case, make sure you break down these units correctly before bringing them to a landfill.

While the wood itself may not be suitable for burning either at home or in a portable campfire unit, metal can sometimes be recycled as trash. Always check with your local trash disposal company and weigh out all options carefully before making any final decisions here.

Can dresser drawers be fixed, Zazzy Home

The most important part of the dresser drawer rebuild process is checking over your work. It’s not too late to go back and make sure everything is working properly if you have any doubts or concerns about your work.

Last, enjoy your new dresser drawers! They should glide up and down with ease while being safe for use by children along with adults alike. If they’re made from wood, there shouldn’t be any major smell issues when moving around the dresser either, unless paint or stain was used to update it in some way during recent years.

There may still be a slight hint of pine scent, however, so don’t expect them to smell brand new once installed inside of an existing unit, for example.
Every drawer glides are different, so make sure you understand these important tips before starting your dresser drawer rebuild process.


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