As you read this title, you may be thinking, what are they talking about? Of course, no one wants to think about their septic system when they are looking for the right bathroom trash can. But I am sure that once you finish reading this article, you will quickly think of all those times and places where your septic tank and the best bathroom trash can came into play.

Now we all know that we need to be careful with how we dispose of our waste. It does not matter whether it is in our own home or out in public; we need to make sure that everything is done properly and safely so as not to contaminate anything around us or cause harm to anyone’s health.

Best bathroom trash can when you have a septic system, Zazzy Home

The first thing that we need to do is think about what kinds of products we use around the house. Consider for a moment how many different chemical cleaners, soaps, shampoos, and body care items you have in your home.

Now consider how many different types of trash cans you will need because each type has very specific instructions on what kind of product may be used to dispose of it properly. For example, you would not want to end up with an oily pizza box full of rotten cheese at the bottom sitting overnight waiting for pick-up day if you are having a septic tank pumped!
Now let’s look at where things could go wrong here.

If you only had one bathroom trash can, then obviously, this could become a problem for you. You would be forced to use one type of product for the bathroom trash can that you are using to dispose of everything.

Suppose you happen to have more than one bathroom set up in your home, which most people do. In that case, this becomes a lot easier for you because now you can give each person their own personal bathroom trash can. They only need to worry about the specific instructions on what kind of waste goes into their personal bathroom trash can.
When we consider all these factors, then we must ask ourselves, what is the best bathroom trash can? Well, I definitely think that having multiple bathroom trash cans helps us make sure that each of our needs is met and will not cause harm to anyone or anything when it comes time for pick-up day.

Now you do need to make sure that everyone has their own personal bathroom trash can in order for this system to work properly, but all you really need to purchase after the first one is a second liner for each person’s personal bathroom trash can.

Best bathroom trash can when you have a septic system, Zazzy Home

This way, they can change them out whenever they want, and there are no worries about any garbage sitting in a communal bin overnight, which no one wants.
When looking at your options when it comes to personal bags versus a communal bin system, personal bags seem to be the most popular and widely used today.
This means that they must be what is needed, or people would not choose them over the alternative. A few problems need to be addressed, though, when it comes to these types of bathroom trash cans.

First off, although many brands claim to have superior odor control, you will find that this will not always hold true in all cases. This does not mean that it doesn’t work, because some really do work better than others depending on your unique circumstances, but what I am talking about here are those times where someone has had diarrhea for days and finally recovers only to find their bathroom smelling like death itself because they did not change out their bag for several days while they were sick.

Another thing that I try to remind people is that no matter how well someone makes their bag, they will never be able to hold everything in all the time. Some things cannot be stored without leakage of one type or another, so you need to make sure that everyone is aware of this and does not get upset when they find out the bathroom trash can has leaked onto the floor.

If you know ahead of time, then it won’t be a surprise when you go into your bathroom and find something awful on the floor when it comes time for pick-up day.
Remember also not to use any kind of petroleum-based cleaning products because these will destroy most garbage bags available today if they are used in excess over time.

You must accept this harsh reality because petroleum-based cleaners will deteriorate most bags, not just the cheap ones either. So you might as well go out and purchase one of those five-gallon buckets with a lid if you insist on using these types of products because it will save money in the long run and keep your bathroom trash can from leaking all over the place!

Best bathroom trash can when you have a septic system, Zazzy Home

I know that I have already given this away, but my best advice would be to use common sense when it comes to what goes into each person’s personal bathroom wastebasket. We all think we are special just because we happen to have twenty-four arms instead of two or something like that, but unfortunately, even having twenty four arms does not let you digest polyurethane like some of us can.

Do your part to make sure that each person has their own personal bathroom trashcan and that you change out the bag or liner on a regular basis whenever necessary, and all will be well! Remember also to use good quality products when it comes time for replacement because this is one of those cases where quality really does matter.

Depending on your unique situation, there are some great brands out there, but remember they are not all created equally, so be sure to pay attention to what you buy!


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