Are marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?

Kitchens are getting more and more luxurious. Also, one of the most luxurious members in this category is marble. So if you’re wondering if it’s time you got yourself some, then read on to find out what the pros and cons are when it comes to having marble countertops in your kitchen.

Why marble?

As it’s a natural stone, marble always has unique patterns and colors. This means that every time you see the marble countertop in your kitchen, something new pops out at you. This is great to look at and makes cleaning very easy as even if stains are left unattended, the pattern might make them less visible than on other surfaces like granite or generic laminate counters. Another big plus for using marble in your kitchen is its resistance against heat (think about pans placed directly on top of a stove) and scratches.

Are marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?, Zazzy Home

Because marble can be polished very easily, once a scratch appears, it can simply be removed by gently rubbing down with some sandpaper. It will still show after being cleaned, however, due to the porous nature of the material.

The first thing you should always do when using marble in your home is to buy a sealant. This helps to protect the stone and will prevent staining and watermarks from appearing. As with any other countertop, be careful not to let anything sit for too long on the surface as this can cause stains and even damage the surface itself.

From a design perspective, marble is one of the most flexible materials to work with when designing the layout of your kitchen. Because you can add it to different parts of your kitchen in whichever way you choose, this means that you can add a unique touch to every part of the room.

Aside from that, cleaning marbles kitchen countertops does not require much effort. All you need is some gentle soap water (or natural cleaners) and a rag or sponge to wipe it all down once done cooking (something like every hour). If stains appear often, make sure to keep some vinegar handy as that works great at removing them.

If you want to keep your marble looking new, then you must seal it regularly (every six months) and avoid using things like vinegar when cleaning

Are marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?, Zazzy Home

The Pros


One of the biggest pros when it comes to choosing marble for your kitchen is that these gorgeous pieces can instantly beautify any room they’re put in. Whether you choose black, white, or pink, there is a color fit for every type of interior you want to match, so all kitchens will suit different types of marbles perfectly well. And yes, even though only natural marbles are available in stores (marble isn’t actually the name of the stone, but rather of a certain texture), you’ll be pleased to hear that these pieces are generally very durable.


One of the reasons why marble is so popular for kitchen countertops is that it’s an extremely hard material. It can even withstand long exposure to very hot water (like in bathtubs). But let’s not forget about one tiny detail: like all stones, marble needs special care and doesn’t resist very well against scratches or stains. So a marble countertop needs extra protection if you don’t want it to lose its beautiful look after some time. So make sure you use coasters under your glasses and avoid using your marble top as an extra storage space!


As we mentioned before, marble is a very durable material and can last you for many years. This makes it the perfect choice if you’re buying new countertops and want something that will serve you as long as possible. Marble does need extra care, however, as taking good care of your stone (by properly sealing it) is extremely important as this will prevent any stains from becoming permanent. If you do end up with a scratch or stain, remember to never use acidic solutions to clean it – simply ask someone at your local home improvement store for the advice!

The Cons


Even though marbles come in a wide range of prices (depending on your budget), they’re still one of the more expensive types of stones when it comes to countertops. So if you want marble countertops, then be ready to spend at least $50 to $100 per square foot0. If you don’t have much cash available, then you can always opt for much cheaper alternatives like granite or quartz countertops. The choice is yours!

Maintenance Issues

Although we mentioned that marble could withstand very hot water and its durability shouldn’t be questioned, there’s another thing to take into account: this type of stone is very sensitive and reacts badly with acidic substances and solutions. So just keep that in mind and refrain from using marble for anything that may contain these types of substances. And also, if you place a cup with lemon juice on your marble top, then there is a chance you’ll have a permanent mark left behind after the liquid has been absorbed into the stone.

Are marble kitchen countertops a bad idea?, Zazzy Home

The Take-away

Now that you know what pros and cons come along with having marble countertops in your kitchen, as well as how much they cost and how to take care of them, you can make an informed decision about adding this type of material to your space! Think about all these factors carefully before making any final decisions because once it’s done, there’s no going back!

Marble is not cheap, but in return for this investment, you get a luxurious kitchen countertop that looks like no other. If you want to make sure the pattern doesn’t stand out too much or if your kitchen is filled with light colors (which can cause stains to be more visible), there are also marble paint kits available at many hardware stores which allow you to do this yourself. A final tip: before sealing any kind of marble surface, always test an inconspicuous area first!


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