Are garbage disposals good for the environment? It depends on who you ask. If you ask a garbage disposal company, garbage disposal companies will say their product is one of the greenest household appliances on the market today.

After all, garbage disposals make it easy to avoid putting food waste into landfills or garbage cans that eventually end up in landfills.

However, if you ask environmentalists if garbage disposers are good for the environment, most will say they’re not because food scraps left in landfills can decompose naturally and emit methane gas as a byproduct.

The truth is somewhere in between: they aren’t green or ungreen; they are somewhere in between. Garbage disposals do save space by allowing homeowners to dispose of garbage in-house instead of having garbage hauled away.

However, garbage disposals clog more often than garbage bins or garbage cans because people fill them with food products that are not appropriate for garbage disposals. When garbage disposers are created, there are several factors to consider, one of which is how much water is used to create the product and how many resources are wasted during the creation process.

Are garbage disposal good for the environment? They aren’t ungreen but they aren’t completely green either. It all depends on who you ask and what criteria you use to define being green or ungreen.

If your definition of being green is using resources efficiently without wasting resources, then it’s pretty clear that garbage disposals can be just as wasteful as garbage bins or garbage cans.

But, if your definition of being green is reducing the amount of garbage that goes into landfills, garbage disposals do this better than any other household appliance on the market today. You can’t make a garbage disposal yourself; therefore, you must purchase one to reduce garbage in landfills.

But keep in mind that even though garbage disposers are not completely green because they use resources and energy during the production process, they are very efficient at cutting food scraps into small pieces that decompose naturally without emitting methane gas as a byproduct.

But it’s up to each individual homeowner to decide which environmental impact matters most – saving space or creating little waste for landfill spaces around their community. So, is garbage disposal good or garbage disposal bad? It’s your choice.



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