Lawnmowers powered by rechargeable batteries are a type of mower that has been on the market since at least the 1930s. The first models were especially intended for people who lived in large towns and cities where electrical mains power was supplied via underground cables. For several decades, such lawnmowers were popular with city dwellers as an alternative to gasoline-powered ones, which required you to buy gasoline and mix it into your lawnmower’s fuel tank often during spring as well as wintertime. If not properly pre-heated before use – both steps would more than likely drain your lawnmower battery. Rechargeable electric or cordless lawn mowers became increasingly popular after WWII when cheap electricity started being available virtually everywhere.

A quick guide to rechargeable lawnmowers, Zazzy Home

Why should you consider buying a rechargeable lawnmower?


– Eco-friendly (no pollution) – no need to buy gasoline or mix it with oil (preferably 20w50) and use fuel stabilizers for storage;

– Quieter than gas-powered lawnmowers;

– No exhaust fumes, thus healthier to operate;

– Small & medium-sized cordless electric lawnmowers are only slightly more expensive than an equivalent gas-powered one. Large cordless models can be as much as double the price of a gasoline mower;

– Many modern 24v and 36v battery operated walk behind mowers come with at least two batteries and sometimes can also run on just one battery. With two batteries, you can always keep one in the charger and just swap them when needed.

– Cheaper to service than gasoline models;

– No need to buy gasoline, mix it with oil and store it until next use; no more trips to pull start your lawnmower – faster and easier than starting a gas mower;

– Outdoor work is great exercise, and running a cordless rechargeable walk-behind lawn mower is the same thing – except you are getting fresh air while doing it! You will never get tired of pushing or riding on an electric lawnmower for hours because no fumes are coming from under your mowing deck, giving you headaches due to long hours of operation in poorly ventilated areas.

A quick guide to rechargeable lawnmowers, Zazzy Home

Why should you not buy a rechargeable lawnmower?

– Battery life is strongly dependent on how often you charge it. If you leave a battery in a fully discharged state for more than two weeks, then the number of discharge cycles will reduce significantly, if not completely. When storing your cordless lawnmower batteries outside, a good practice would be to disconnect them from their power source and connect them to an automatic trickle charger. The only issue with this approach is that some batteries have built-in safety or electronic circuits that may malfunction if they are left connected to a trickle charger long after the peak charge period. Also, always remove batteries from any device, especially cordless electric lawnmowers, before going away for extended periods;

– If you don’t remember to charge your batteries after each use, then you will get unpleasantly surprised at least once every couple of seasons. Even if they are not fully discharged, leaving them for a week or two in a half-charged state might seriously reduce the expected battery life;

– Not all cordless rechargeable lawn mowers can mulch – their blades are slightly smaller than regular ones, so lawn clippings tend to wrap around the deck quickly and may present a blockage hazard when mowing over high grass. This is a very common challenge with many manufacturers, and its solution may vary from model to model.

– If you have a large lawn to mow, then the battery life might run out before the job is done, especially if you have one running on just one battery. Also, suppose an owner decides to buy a cordless electric lawnmower as his first-ever piece of power equipment. In that case, he should be prepared for it being underpowered when cutting high grass since most inexpensive models are equipped with smaller rechargeable batteries. Some users have been known to move their running cordless lawnmowers from patch to patch during prolonged mowing sessions due to lack of power. This can be a source of frustration for many homeowners who want a quick fix and don’t read the instruction manuals or are not prepared to invest more in a better machine.


For many consumers, the lack of an extension cord is also an important consideration when buying an electric lawnmower since most cords are often cumbersome and can be difficult to handle on large lawns. A good alternative would be a lithium-ion powered cordless rechargeable walk behind mower, which has enough power to cut high grass quickly without having to make several passes over the same patch of land. This is one of the reasons why some users consider them as being heavier than gas-powered mowers. However, if you have ever had to drag 50 feet of heavy-duty extension cord around your lawn, you might understand why owning a cordless electric mower could save you time and energy.

Why should you buy a cordless electric lawn mower instead of a gas one?

– A fully charged cordless rechargeable lawn mower will give you enough power to mow your whole yard on just one charge. If it runs out of power, then all you have to do is plug it in for about 5 minutes, and the job is done;

– With no fumes coming from under your deck, there’s no pollution or environmental concerns either;

– They are quieter than gas-powered mowers, so they won’t scare people off who comes near the house when trying to enjoy some fresh air on their porch;

– Some professional models can handle yards with uneven terrain, which means you don’t necessarily need a push reel lawnmower if your lawn is sloping or bumpy;

– There are some amazingly expensive cordless electric mowers that have enough power to mulch high grass effectively, which means you don’t have to rake your lawn anymore. This might be a real-time saver for many people who have large properties. Check out this article to learn more about the best rechargeable weed eaters on the market.


Is there any downside to owning a cordless mower?

While buying batteries and chargers separately may save you some money, it’s important to note that not all manufacturers provide standalone replacement batteries for their products. As a result, if your battery pack fails, then most often than not, you will need to replace the entire cordless electric lawnmower to get a new battery. This is because most battery packs are mounted inside the deck, which means you can’t simply replace them without buying an entirely new mower.

How much do cordless lawnmowers cost?

The price of rechargeable electric lawnmowers varies greatly depending on the brand, battery type being used, size of the deck, and other features. While you can find great bargains online, it’s important to keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better when it comes to many consumer products. If you choose to go for an ultra-cheap e-lawnmower, then there’s a good chance that your machine won’t last long due to its poor construction quality, no matter how well it advertises itself. On the other hand, spending a bit more on a better mower will give you great value for your money since it will be more powerful and reliable. However, you should always look at the warranty information before bringing your machine home, as this might save you lots of money via repair or replacement if something goes wrong with your purchase.


Is buying cordless electric lawnmowers worth the extra cost?

While some manufacturers charge hundreds of dollars for their high-end electric lawnmowers, there are also plenty of affordable models that can easily fit any budget. This is why many people think that going cordless is a no-brainer decision when it comes to battery-powered outdoor equipment. Sure, gas mowers may be slightly less expensive initially, but most homeowners end up paying more in the long run for gas, tune-ups, and other oil changes.

If you live in an area with no power outlet, you should be able to get by with a cordless lawn mower since they do not rely on electric input to start. While this will severely limit your options when it comes to cutting the height and width of your lawn, it might be the only solution if you are facing problems with running electrical wires across your yard. Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Cordless battery-powered lawnmowers are gaining popularity these days because many people consider them more environmentally friendly than their gas counterparts. In addition, maintaining an electrically driven machine is often easier since they don’t require any fuel or engine oil which means you can perform all maintenance tasks yourself. On the other hand, gasoline-powered lawnmowers require regular oil changes and need to be tuned up once in a while, which means that their owners will have to engage with some potentially hazardous substances.

Not everyone is comfortable with this idea which makes cordless mowers more popular among the people who would rather stay out of harm’s way.


Buying a replacement battery for your cordless electric lawn mower is usually a lot cheaper than buying a whole new mower. This means that you’ll probably save money if something goes wrong with your original battery as long as you can still use your machine since most manufacturers have great deals on batteries and chargers, which are sold separately from their products. Keep in mind that some replacement batteries may not fit onto your originally purchased mower, so it’s important to double-check the model number before making any purchases. If you want to see how much a weed eater costs, then refer to this article:

How do cordless electric lawnmowers work?

Most of the batteries used by these machines can hold a charge for several months, so you won’t need to recharge your lawnmower’s power cells very often, especially if it is not being heavily used during the winter season. Some of the most popular battery types include nickel-cadmium (NiCd), nickel-metal hydride (NiMH), and lithium-ion (Li-ion) that offer great performance and long-running times on each charge which usually lasts at least 45 minutes or more depending on the model and brand.

While cordless electric lawnmowers may not be able to match the top speeds and cutting capacities of their gas-powered cousins, they can still provide great value for money in terms of convenience and environmental friendliness. Battery packs should last at least one or two decades if you take reasonable care of them properly. In addition, there are no emissions and no maintenance required, unlike gas mowers which require regular oil changes and tune-ups if you want them to perform well throughout their lifespan.

Cordless battery power might not suit everyone, but it is definitely worth considering since it will prevent any possible injuries due to accidental electrocution while also relieving the homeowner from purchasing fuel and having another machine that needs upkeep and can reduce noise pollution within your neighborhood by eliminating engine noise. All of these benefits can give you a huge advantage over your neighbors if they are still using traditional gasoline-powered mowers that are much noisier and require regular maintenance tasks.


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