Electric lawnmowers are an alternative source of power to gas or battery-operated mowers that have been around for decades. They may be less common than the traditional gasoline, but these electric machines are becoming increasingly popular because they’re quieter and cleaner than gas-powered options.

A quick guide to corded electric lawnmowers, Zazzy Home

A cordless electric lawn mower operates like any other type of motorized electric mower in that it is not tethered by a long cord. While you do need to keep an eye on the length of your extension cord when operating, if you run out of string, you can easily swap it with another one without needing to stop and refuel. The main difference between a corded and a cordless machine is that cordless lawnmowers are not plugged in.

A corded electric lawn mower may make it easier to operate than a cordless one because there is no possibility of the battery dying while you are busy with your yard work. However, finding an electrical outlet near all areas of your yard can be difficult. While this type of machine has more reach than its battery-operated cousins, it has limited mobility and requires access to an outlet. This makes it impossible to use anywhere outdoors where there isn’t a power supply nearby. A corded mower also has less portability compared to other choices on the market right now.

The pros and cons of a corded electric lawnmower

Corded mowers offer a simple and familiar design that is easy to operate. It plugs directly into your home’s power outlet, giving you the same type of work capability as an electric drill or saw. A cordless machine with the same wattage will be weaker than a corded motor since it must rely on battery power instead of simply drawing from your house’s current wiring. Electric lawnmowers are typically cheaper than gas-powered options because they do not require gasoline or oil for operation, and they don’t produce carbon emissions during use. Corded lawnmowers also usually have lower running costs than their counterparts despite this lack of environmental cost: one study suggests that an average outdoor appliance uses over $100 in electricity per year, in addition to the cost of replacement batteries.

How much do cordless electric lawn mowers cost?

Cordless mowers usually range between $200 and $400, with most models falling at about $300. Most corded units are less expensive than their battery-operated counterparts, but they may require additional costs for upkeep due to the constant need to replace or recharge extension cords. These can cost around $20 per 100 feet, depending on the quality of the wire used and its thickness.

A quick guide to corded electric lawnmowers, Zazzy Home

Choosing a cordless electric lawnmower

The first thing to consider when choosing a cordless mower is weight. A heavier unit can be difficult for some people to handle, especially if they already have to worry about managing extension cords or maneuvering around other yard equipment. If you’re looking at cordless options, look for 5-10 lbs as the typical upper limit of portability. In addition, look for a slim design with a smaller cutting deck that will make it easier to operate in tight spaces and avoid obstacles like trees or flowerbeds. Side-discharge models tend to be more convenient than mulching varieties since they do not require additional bags or tools for disposal of clippings, but each type has its merits. A mulching machine can help to fertilize your lawn while using fewer resources, but you will need to clean the cutting deck more frequently between uses.

Corded electric lawn mowers are usually cheaper than their cordless counterparts for a few reasons, including that they usually have less power available since they draw from your home’s electricity rather than an independent engine. However, corded units benefit from staying outside all year long without having to recharge or refuel them constantly.

The best advice when it comes to choosing either type of mower is to think about what kind of grass you have in your yard and how much time you generally spend working outdoors. For example, if you only spend a few hours every week tending to your garden, then any model will do; however, if you spend upwards of two hours a week cutting the lawn and maintaining your yard, it is best to look for a cordless mower with a powerful engine and low maintenance components like an easy-to-clean deck.

Do corded electric lawn mowers use a lot of electricity?

According to Energy.gov, “If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to mow your yard, consider investing in an electric lawnmower. They produce zero carbon emissions and are up to 75 percent quieter than gas models.” “On average, running an electric lawnmower is equivalent to powering two 60-watt light bulbs.” This is equivalent to using roughly 600 kWh per year with a 20 cents per kWh electricity rate (600kWh x 20 cents / kWh = $120 per year). This is roughly the same as running 13 100-watt light bulbs for 10 hours per day.

Why does this matter?

The average cost of electricity in the US is 12 cents per kWh, or $144 per year, which costs more to power an electric lawn mower than a gas-powered model. According to Energy.gov, “If you’re looking for an eco-friendly way to mow your yard, consider investing in an electric lawnmower.”

Conclusion: No, corded electric lawn mowers do not use a lot of electricity. For example, using 600kWh per year is equivalent to powering two 60-watt light bulbs for 10 hours/day for one year.

How long do corded electric lawn mowers last?

As with any piece of machinery, corded electric lawn mowers last as long as they are taken care of and used properly. On average, a corded electric lawn mower will last about 9-12 years. However, some models may fall short or exceed this estimate by several years, depending on how well you take care of the machine and the nature of your work environment.

Just like riding a bike can make a person more aware of what it takes to keep a machine running smoothly, going through the process of starting and stopping a lawnmower for many hours can also make someone more cognizant about taking care of their engine. This is one reason why professional landscapers tend to get more life out of their equipment than homeowners who might treat their lawnmower like an appliance rather than a piece of machinery that requires occasional maintenance.

Over time, parts will wear down and need to be replaced. For example, each year, the blade of the mower may start to rust after it is exposed to several months of outdoor elements, or carbon build-up may cause friction on moving parts which leads to needing replacement. In addition, soft pull cords can become frayed over many years of use and eventually snap off if not replaced in time.

These are all things that can affect how long corded electric lawnmowers will last.

Is it safe to cut wet grass with a corded electric mower?

If it’s raining, do not mow the grass. While electric lawn mowers are typically safe for wet grass conditions, there are several things that you should consider before using one on wet grass.

1) If this is your first time cutting with an electric mower, make sure to read the owner’s manual and understand how to properly set up your machine (for example, how to adjust the wheels or sharpen the blade). Some people cut their grass when it’s wet without knowing that their mower was not designed for wet grass conditions. This can be dangerous as you will end up with a torn cable or, worse yet, a damaged engine (assuming that you’re using a gas-powered model).

2) Wet blades can weigh more than dry, causing the blade to work harder; this could potentially cause your machine to overheat. Also, if you’re using an electric mower that’s not designed for wet or damp conditions, you may notice that it takes longer than normal to cut your lawn.

3) Most electric mowers are equipped with a safety switch that will immediately shut off the blades when lifted up from the grass surface. Unfortunately, some units have these switches coming in direct contact with the cutting wire, so if water is making its way inside of the cable housing, this could potentially cause problems down the road.


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