Street noise is a common problem for many people trying to sleep, study, or relax. If you’re one of the millions of people who are looking for a solution to noise pollution, then this blog post might be just what you need! We will discuss how noise can disrupt your life and some tips on reducing street noise through your window.

Use a noise machine.

to create white or pink noise that will block out street noises. White noise is more effective at blocking high-pitched sounds, and pink noise is better at low-pitched frequencies.

Noise machines can be both expensive and bulky, but they are often worth it if you need them! If you cannot afford one right now, there’s always the option of making your own by using household items like fans, humidifiers, showerheads, or running water in your sink. Remember to turn these things on as soon as traffic starts getting noisy outside before going to bed so that they have time to do their work! Be sure not to get caught up in the sound yourself and fall asleep too!


Install a window fan to draw air from outside.

This will help keep your AC costs down by lowering the temperature inside the room, which also helps reduce noise pollution.

Window fans can be pricey, but they are an inexpensive option for keeping you cool during hot weather without breaking your budget or sacrificing comfort. There is no need to buy one that’s fancy either, as long as it has blades on both sides of the unit and works well with whatever type of windows you have at home. If you live in a warmer climate, window fans should already come equipped with screens to prevent insects from getting in through cracks while they work!

Try installing acoustic panels near your window to help with noise pollution.

These panels will protect you from sound waves and reduce outside noise by absorbing them before they reach your room!

Acoustic insulation can be expensive, but it is worth every penny if you are trying to get a good night’s sleep or study peacefully in the evening hours instead of being woken up at all hours of the night. There is no need for acoustic insulation specifically made for windows so long as any panel material that absorbs sound waves does its job well enough on both sides of the wall where it is installed.

Install a piano glaze on your window.

This provides an additional layer of protection against street noise coming into your home without blocking natural light from entering through the glass.

Piano glazes are often used in recording studios to help with noise pollution, but they work just as well for homes as a means of blocking street noise. This type of window treatment is usually made from a high-density material that will block outside noises while still letting light into the room through its pores (creating more natural lighting than curtains).

Double-paned windows.

These provide an extra layer of protection against sound waves breaking down your walls and entering your home. Double-pane windows do not come cheap, though, so be sure to shop around! If you live on the ground floor, there might even be an option to have one installed by calling up your landlord or condo association.

Double-pane windows can help reduce unwanted sounds coming in from outside, but they are not the best option for blocking high-pitched sounds like those coming from a coffee shop. If that is your main concern, then you may want to invest in acoustic insulation instead.

Window treatments with soundproofing capabilities

Look for items such as curtains and bedroom blackout shades that can block out street noise by absorbing low-pitched noises before they come into contact with your windows.

Curtains made of wool or fabric work well because these materials absorb both sound waves and light very efficiently while also being soft enough around sensitive areas so that they don’t need ironing after every washing (something we all know takes up a lot of time). Curtains should be lined on the backside where possible to provide an extra layer of protection against outside noise, but you should still take care to clean those regularly.

Bedroom blackout shades are great because they block out sound waves coming in from the street while also keeping your room dark when it’s time for bed! These window treatments work best with standard windows that can be opened and closed rather than extending outward or only sliding up and down. This allows for quick installation without the need for tools.

Vinyl Shutters.

These can come with advanced features such as dual-pane glass, which blocks high-pitched sounds (which would enter through small cracks) and low-pitched noises like traffic or construction workers nearby who make lots of noise during the day but are quieter in the evening hours.

Vinyl shutters are a good option for homes that need to block out high-pitched noises and low-pitched sounds like traffic or nearby construction, which both emit lots of noise during the day but are much quieter at night. In addition, installation is simple and only requires tapping holes into place with your fingers, so you can do it yourself without any help!

Soundproofing Curtains.

which come fitted on one side with an acoustic barrier panel made from polyester fiberglass fibers (to trap sound waves) while also being lined on the other side for better insulation against the light coming through windows. These soundproof curtains work best when blocking outside street noise because they have been specifically designed to absorb all sorts of noise, from low to high-pitched frequencies.

Soundproof curtains that come fitted with an acoustic barrier panel are great for people who want to block out both light and sound waves coming in from outside the window because they have been specifically designed to absorb all types of noise, including those that use lower or higher pitches. These curtains can be a bit pricey, but you will get your money’s worth!

Blackout blinds.

If you live on the ground floor, since these curtain treatments work best when blocking sounds coming up through windows rather than going across them as other window treatments do, Installers usually recommend installing these at eye level to not obstruct natural sunlight during the day while still making sure street noise is entirely blocked before it can reach your windows.

Blackout blinds are perfect for people who live on the ground floor since they work best when blocking sounds that come up through a window rather than those that use horizontal surfaces as other treatments do, and as such should be installed at eye level to ensure natural light is not obstructed during the day while noise from outside can still be effectively blocked before reaching your windows.



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