6 quick tips for creating an appealing porch

Whether you’re having a casual get-together with neighbors or hosting an elegant dinner party, the front porch sets the tone for your guests. A well-designed and inviting front entrance has four primary functions: it provides shelter from bad weather; creates an outdoor room space; establishes a clear path of entry, and makes your home feel more comfortable and open. Use this guide to help ensure that your guests have a stress-free arrival while taking in the beauty of your neighborhood.

6 quick tips for creating an appealing porch, Zazzy Home

1. Go Big or Go Home:

Even if you don’t need to reserve seating for five hundred people, you should still consider expanding the size of your existing outdoor spaces by adding shelters such as canopies, marquees, gazebos, and pergolas to your porches. These structures protect from the sun and give guests a place to linger outside longer and enjoy their surroundings.

2. Know Your Layout: 

Examine your current design and determine how to make each area more appealing by creating an inviting flow between outdoor space and structure. The front porch, in particular, is meant for good conversation with people passing by; therefore, plan seating areas around the perimeter of the porch that will allow you to see passersby while simultaneously providing dining room-style seating (e.g., benches, chairs).

3. Add Plenty of Light: 

If it has been dark all winter long, then you’ll love having light everywhere when it gets warm again. Outdoor lighting brings the mood of your party to life, not only creating a safer environment but also an attractive one. The safety benefits are obvious, but you might not know that outdoor lights can help prevent crime by drawing attention to suspicious activity, which sends an important message to intruders that they are being watched and will be caught if they choose to break in.

6 quick tips for creating an appealing porch, Zazzy Home

4. Keep It Simple: 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money outfitting your front entrance with every possible amenity; be sure you’re addressing the basics, such as seating and lighting. If you enjoy hosting large gatherings, then invest in additional amenities such as receptacles for recycling and garbage, nightlights, and televisions for teleconferencing.

5. Make the Most of Your Curb Appeal: 

The front porch is often known as the “First Impression,” and if yours isn’t impressive, then you better take action. Exterior home improvement projects such as fireplaces, siding, and windows can help increase curb appeal and reduce the negative impact on your property value. In addition, good exterior lighting helps keep your house safe and makes it more attractive at night.

6. Get Creative: 

If you’re willing to go beyond the basics, there are many creative ways to improve your entrance space, such as building a park bench or creating an outdoor library. You can even add special features like a treehouse deck or a secret passageway leading inside into your garden!


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