3 Rules To Keep In Mind When Buying An Outdoor Rug

Every day we are faced with decisions and choices, some big and some small. Thankfully today, we are just going to be choosing an outdoor rug. While it may not be a life-altering decision, you still want to make a good choice. You do not want to settle for second best; you want to get the best value for your money. The easiest way to do this is by following a few rules I have set when I go shopping for a new rug.

Here are the rules I follow:

1. Choose Beauty First – Although it will be an outdoor rug, there is no need for it to be ugly. Many versatile outdoor rugs are usable and beautiful as well. Even though you will be standing on the rug most of the time doesn’t mean you can not value its beauty. When looking at the aesthetics of an outdoor rug, I judge it on these four qualities:

Color: Obviously, the color of a rug is the first thing someone will notice. Considering this will be an outdoor rug and subject to the elements, you will need to choose your color wisely.

Your rug outside is going to get dirtier a lot faster than those inside. So choose a color that will not show dirt up very easily. It is wise to pick an earthy color like green, brown, and orange. These colors tend to age much better outside.

Pattern: Find a natural pattern that is not too chaotic and will compliment your outdoor style. You want something that is going to be noticeable, and your guests will enjoy the distinctive pattern.

Texture: Texture is very important in determining the beauty of the rug. Look closely at the rug and see the effort that was made in creating it. Many times the texture will also create subtle changes in the color and pattern as you touch it.

Size: Size is going to be one of the most important elements in choosing an outdoor rug. While small rugs can be quaint, they often do not provide enough coverage for larger groups of people. On the other hand, if the rug you choose is too big, the color and pattern may be overwhelming outside.

2. Durability – While beauty is important to an outdoor rug, you need something to withstand the elements. An outdoor rug is going to be abused in ways your indoor rug never thought of!

You need to check the workmanship and materials thoroughly and see if they will withstand the test of time outside.

3. Affordability – Considering this will be used outside, you do not want to spend a small fortune on it. Instead, you want something that you can buy today with a little bit of cash and enjoy for a year or two.

Keep in check with your budget and get the most for your money. In the end, remember this is primarily meant to keep dirt out of your house!

If you follow those three rules, you should be able to pick up a nice outdoor rug that will suit your needs perfectly.


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