11 tips to stop a rug shedding

As you walk into any home, the rugs are one of the first things that catch your eye. You can bring color to your room, or you can leave them as is to provide an elegant feel.

Rug care sounds simple enough: just vacuum and spot clean when needed. But, there’s more to it than that. Please read on for our tips on stopping those pesky shedding problems!

Why Are My Rugs Shedding?

With daily wear and tear comes a need for everyday maintenance. Whether vacuuming, cleaning with a steam cleaner or washing in water with soap and conditioner, we will show you how!

11 tips to stop a rug shedding, Zazzy Home

1) Vacuum Your Rugs Daily To Keep Them Clean & Stop That Unwanted Shedding

Your rugs should be vacuumed every day – this will help remove surface dirt and prepare your rug for washing. Make sure you use the correct attachment, as using the wrong one could damage your rug or just move it around. The best tool to use is a “beater bar,” which helps remove any dirt that has become embedded into the fibers of your rug.

2) Don’t Forget About The Back Of Your Rugs!

Your rugs are no ordinary decoration; they serve a purpose to provide comfort and warmth underfoot. Just like the carpet in rooms without rugs, all rugs should be routinely vacuumed on both sides to ensure they’re clean and hygienic. Be sure to sweep or vacuum the back of your rug as often as you would the front!

3) Clean Your Rugs With A Steam Cleaner For An In-Depth Clean

If vacuuming alone isn’t cutting it, a steam cleaner will be able to give your rug a deeper clean. You can rent these from home depot or hire stores, or purchase one if you want for repeated use. If purchasing is something you’ve considered, we recommend taking a look at this Bissell model.

Using The Steam Cleaner: Always follow any and all instructions and warnings that come with your equipment – we suggest testing in an inconspicuous spot first for safety reasons. Also, keep in mind that different types of rugs may require more than one treatment- just because you’ve given it one go doesn’t mean you’re completely done!

4) Water Is Your Rug’s Best Friend

If there’s a spill or stain on your rug, don’t panic – water is the best answer. Start by extracting the excess liquid with an absorbent cloth. Then carefully blot at the area until dry – if any stain remains, you can use our next tip to conquer that too.

11 tips to stop a rug shedding, Zazzy Home

5) Use A Rug Cleaner For Those Extra Tough Stains

When water isn’t enough, you can use a rug cleaner to finish the job. Just like with cleaning solutions for clothes or dishwashers, always follow the instructions provided on the label! We recommend using Biokleen’s Bac-Out Stain & Odor Remover, which is 100% non-toxic and safe for your family and pets.

6) Store Your Rugs With Care To Avoid Unwanted Damage

If you’re storing your rugs over the colder months where they won’t be in use, it is recommended that you do so in an area with low humidity or inside sealed plastic containers. While rug shedding can be a cumbersome situation, it’s perfectly normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make taking care of it any easier. Here are some professionally proven ways to manage carpet shedding and ensure a long and glorious life for your favorite rugs.

7) Start With High-Quality Padding 

Padding does more than cushion your feet and holds the carpeting in place, it also absorbs the shock of impact. Consequently, the fibers of the rug endure less friction, and shedding is reduced. Your padding should be of higher quality, which will ensure longer life of the rug, and should measure one inch less in terms of the area, so it’s completely covered.

8) Invest In A Carpet Rake 

Add “raking rug” to your weekly list of things to do unless you notice excessive shedding more often. While you don’t want to brutalize the carpet, you want to run through it firmly. A rake made especially for carpeting will make the process easier, as there’s no bending over like there would be if you use a hand brush. Also, the rake is engineered to gently remove excess fibers and strings that emerge from normal use.

You might look at raking the rug as much the same as a long-haired person regularly brushing their locks: The action removes loose hair, leaving the rest intact and better off for it. Additionally, raking the carpet expedites drying time after a shampoo, really works away pet hair, and can spiff up any area that’s been crushed from long-standing furniture when you rearrange the room.

9) Trim Regularly

Be prepared to sit on the carpet and closely inspect for bunches of loose fibers. These typically accumulate towards the edge of the rug and anywhere that sees a lot of traffic. Then, gently wipe your hand over the area and lift the shedding material, posing it between two fingers so that snipping with scissors is easy.

Eliminating fuzz manually may be time-consuming and tedious. However, there is no other way of removing the unwanted material. Be careful not to pull, or you’ll encourage the shedding. Instead, simply trim that which has been coming out on its own carefully.

10) Vacuum Weekly 

Particularly when your rug is new, it will need to be vacuumed at least once a week. Excess fibers will be worked out during normal use, and you can expect to see more shedding during this time. Working with the carpeting pile and your vacuum cleaner on a lower setting, gently go over the entire surface methodically. Even areas not appearing troublesome at this point need the vacuuming, as it’s simply a matter of time before the fuzzy tufts emerge.

11 tips to stop a rug shedding, Zazzy Home

You’re better off using a less aggressive vacuum cleaner and going over the rug a few extra times rather than embarking on a few fast swipes with an industrial strength model. But, as with the hair on a human, TLC is to produce the best results.

11) Rotate The Rug 

While removing furniture to rotate a rug is labor-intensive, doing so means no one area is worn out prematurely and before the others; the entire surface should sustain equal wear and, therefore, look and feel newer for a longer period. However, rotation may also mean previously unused portions of the carpet become exposed to traffic. Thus, they will need to be treated as if new in regards to normal shedding.

Caring for your rugs properly means they will last longer and dazzle more brilliantly. Of course, the process requires work, diligence, and TLC; however, the results will be well worth it.


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