10 ways you’re wasting money on your kitchen

You probably have a lot of kitchen gadgets sitting in your cabinets that you’ve never used. You might even buy new ones every year. If this sounds like you, read on to find out how these ten ways can help save money!

10 ways you’re wasting money on your kitchen, Zazzy Home

Invest in a rice cooker if you cook rice often- it’ll save time and energy.

I use a ‘Zojirushi’ rice cooker that has an on/off switch for the lid. It’s very useful when I leave it to cook overnight, as there is the potential for the water to boil over and spill out of the pan during this time if it isn’t covered.

The stainless steel insert pot can be removed from the cooker body so that you can wash separately- I wash it by hand using mildly anti-bacterial dishwashing detergent -it is really easy to remove stains from that pot, just soak in hot water with some soap (especially when I fry food in a little oil before cooking).

I do not replace my rice cooker with scratches on its outer coating surface because it still works well; I’ve had it for 14 years now!

I do not clean my cooker every time I use it, and so there is quite some oil residue left inside the pot after cooking rice. When leftover food becomes moldy or develops a funny smell, then I usually clean the inner pot as best as possible using an old toothbrush to scrub away at stains before washing with water to get rid of any additional bacteria. Rice isn’t really affected by a little bit of oil (and I only allow oily food ingredients to soak for 30 minutes at most).

Use an electric skillet rather than the stovetop for cooking meals.

Electric skillets are especially nice for cooking in the winter. When you use a top-of-the-stove method to cook your dinner, the room tends to get hot and stuffy. The heat and steam also attract insects. But an electric skillet doesn’t produce any heat or steam, so your kitchen stays cooler.

The best feature of an electric skillet is its convection heating system. That means that it circulates heated air inside the pan rather than using radiant heat from burning gas or electricity as a conventional stove does. It’s also more efficient because not all of the energy gets lost as it does when using direct heat methods such as those mentioned above; most of the energy used goes into cooking food.

The heating element in an electric skillet can be shrouded by a metal grid or placed beneath the pan. When you use an electric skillet, this type of system keeps food from getting too browned on one side and scorched on another. The cooking is even all over, so the meal turns out perfectly every time.

10 ways you’re wasting money on your kitchen, Zazzy Home

There are also built-in heaters in some electric skillets that keep the food warm until serving time without drying it out. And many have glass lids that let you watch your dinner as it cooks. Another handy feature is a power switch that lets you turn off the heat should there be a sudden surge in temperature.

In addition to preparing meals, electric skillets can bake desserts; make pizzas; fry, poach, and steam foods; make hot dips; cook eggs on top of the stove or over easy when you’re in a hurry.

Electric skillets are available in many sizes, from 2 quarts to 32 quarts. The 8-quart size is one of the most popular electric skillet sizes because it is large enough for preparing the main meal for four people but not so big that it takes up too much room on your countertop. Another advantage of an 8-quart electric skillet is that its bottom and sides are deep enough to be used as an extra-deep roaster for cooking turkeys, chickens, and hams.

10 ways you’re wasting money on your kitchen, Zazzy Home

Cut down on food costs by buying frozen vegetables over fresh produce.

In the produce aisle, price is just one of the factors to consider when purchasing food for your home. Quality is also an important consideration, especially if you are buying a variety of foods that will last a while.

But along with quality, don’t forget about the price. If you’re looking for ways to trim your grocery bill this year, consider swapping out fresh vegetables for their frozen counterparts in some recipes and dishes at home. There are many reasons why frozen produce can save you money over its fresh counterpart: * Frozen produce is picked before it ripens, so you can enjoy food at its peak of freshness.

The freezing process stops the decomposition process immediately. As a result, the nutrients in frozen fruit and vegetables are almost identical to that of their fresh counterparts due to minimal deterioration of vitamins. For example, frozen broccoli has more vitamin C than raw broccoli.

Many people rely on convenience foods because they don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals for themselves and their families. The same goes for veggies: They often get passed over since many versions – like canned – aren’t as fresh-tasting as those found at your local farmers’ market or grocery store. With frozen vegetables, all of that changes; they may not be as convenient (you’ll have to cook them at home, of course) but are still just as fresh.

The bottom line is that frozen produce is picked before ripening, so it has more nutrients than fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, the freezing process stops the decomposition process immediately, and frozen fruits/vegetables retain most if not all of the vitamins that their fresh counterparts have. This means frozen produce will not only save you money in the long run but also deliver great taste and value.

10 ways you’re wasting money on your kitchen, Zazzy Home

Get creative with cold pasta dishes.

Have you ever tried cold pasta dishes? You can actually create some amazing food with just one ingredient: pasta! This meal is perfect for hot summer days. To make this easy recipe, you’ll need penne or any type of hollow pasta (ziti), tomatoes, broccoli, and a few other ingredients. First, cut the broccoli into small pieces and boil it in salted water until cooked.

Drain it and let it cool to room temperature. Mix the cooked broccoli with basil, olive oil, salt, and pepper (You may add more spices if you like).

Cut the tomatoes into bite-sized pieces and mix them with the cooled broccoli. Boil the penne as usual but cook only 4 minutes instead of 8-10 stated on the package. Drain pasta (it doesn’t have to be al dente) and mix it with the broccoli tomato sauce. You may add more spices if you want. Serve the pasta cold with a slice of lemon, and enjoy! This simple recipe is very easy to make. It’s a delicious dish that can be prepared in no time at all!

Avoid Using the Microwave Oven

Using your microwave to cook all of your meals (i.e., frozen pizzas, hot pockets, or other frozen foods) will cost more than using a conventional oven. It takes just as much time to put something in the oven and set a timer as it does for the microwave!

Another reason you should use an oven instead of a microwave is that microwaving food can alter its nutritional value. The process creates new compounds that are capable of producing free radicals in the body — which are known to cause cancer cells to develop. These “new compounds” are known as “radiolytic products.” Free radicals also slow down immune function and increase insulin resistance. This results in less oxygen being delivered to your cells, which can lead to damage and disease.


Thanks for reading this article. We hope that it helped you keep more money in your pocket! Comment below and tell us what other kitchen hacks or tips you use to save time, energy, and money!


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