What is the best method to instantly kill bed bugs? Well, there are many pesticides used for killing pests like bedbugs and cockroaches, but not all of them can be lethal. Bed bug extermination is a tricky process that requires the help of specialists. But before one submits himself to their services, many people would want to know the latest advancements in the insecticide industry so they could prepare themselves to act decisively if need be.

10 Methods to instantly kill bed bugs, Zazzy Home

Here is a list of the best pesticides that help in eradicating bed bugs and other pests:

1. Cyfluthrin

This particular pesticide is an efficient and fast acting insecticide that can kill up to 100-200 insects within 10 minutes. It has pyrethroid as its chief ingredient, which is quite effective against small bugs like aphids, thrips, whiteflies, leaf miners, etc. Cyfluthrin comes in three different forms namely; powder, liquid, and aerosol spray. A single application of this product can last for up to 3 weeks thanks to its long-lasting residual effect. Insects do not develop resistance or immunity against this pesticide because it attacks their nervous system rapidly and effectively. The only drawback with using cyfluthrin is the “stink” that emanates from bedbugs when they are dead. One can prevent this by applying cedar oil or lavender on their body before using cyfluthrin.

2. Deltamethrin

This pesticide is a synthetic pyrethroid, which was developed for killing small bugs like ants, beetles, and cockroaches. However, it does not work well against bigger insects like bees and bats. It works quickly once it comes in contact with the target pest’s body; within 10 minutes. On the downside, it only has a residual effect of up to 3 weeks, unlike other pesticides that can last up to 6 weeks. It also leaves stains on things found in homes thus making them dirty and ugly. It can also be toxic to plants and animals. However, the biggest disadvantage with deltamethrin is that it does not repel bedbugs; instead, it kills them instantly after direct contact.

3. Pyrethrin

This pesticide is an organic insecticide made from extracts of African chrysanthemum flowers called Pyrethrum (a word coined from two Greek words “pyrethr-” = “flea” + “-on”). This natural pesticide contains six similar compounds known as pyrethroids which are responsible for repelling and killing insects like moths, gnats, cockroaches and flies, etc. These molecules mimic a neurotoxin produced by some types of spider and honey bees. One application of pyrethrin is enough to kill up to 50 bedbugs.

4. Bifenthrin

This insecticide was originally meant for agricultural applications but its benefits proved beneficial in household use too. It comes in many forms namely; liquid, aerosol spray, and dust powder. Bifenthrin kills insects by paralyzing their nervous system thus causing instant death. One application is enough to get rid of more than 1000 insects within a short period. Bifenthrin’s residual effect takes around 3 months before fading away which is longer compared to other pesticides. However, this may not be the case in all areas because environmental conditions like temperature and humidity affect this duration greatly. This pesticide has no known toxic effects on humans and animals.

5. D-Phenothrin

This product is a synthetic type of pyrethroid that was originally used as an insecticide for crops but it has proved to be more efficient at killing household insects too, particularly bedbugs. It is considered safe because its harmful effects are not passed onto humans and pets no matter how much one might touch or ingest it. One drawback with d-phenothrin is that it can cause skin irritation in some people, so extra care must be taken when using this pesticide. Even though it’s non-toxic, anyone who suspects an allergic reaction should immediately seek medical help from a healthcare professional.

6. Esfenvalerate

This pesticide has the same molecular structure as natural pyrethrin. It is a synthetic insecticide that can be used in agricultural applications and household pest control too. It causes insects to become immobile before killing them instantly. Its residual effect lasts up to 6 weeks which makes it very handy when one wants to get rid of bedbugs for months. Just like deltamethrin, esfenvalerate also leaves stains on fabrics, furniture, and other surfaces found indoors thus making them ugly looking. For this reason, the use of protective gear must be considered when using this product.

7. Methoprene

Unlike other pesticides, methoprene is an insect growth regulator. It works from the inside, disrupting the life cycle of bedbugs by halting their ability to molt or shed their skin. Without molting or shedding, these bugs cannot grow and become adult insects. This product is very safe for humans and pets because it does not kill insects directly, instead, it interferes with their molting process which results in death. Methoprene’s residual effect lasts up to 5 months after a single application on a target area that has a size of 16 square feet. Again this may vary depending on the environment.

8. Pyriproxyfen

This pesticide comes in liquid form that can be applied through sprayers or poured into fabrics or other surfaces. It’s a type of insect growth regulator that halts the development of bedbugs from larvae to adult insects. One drawback about this pesticide is that it cannot prevent re-infestation because it does not kill existing adults and nymphs on contact.

9. Steam Treatment for bed bug extermination

Using steam is a very effective way to get rid of any household pests. This approach involves heating pest-infested areas with the help of high-pressure hot steam emitted from a device called a steamer. The heat can reach up to 120 Degrees Celsius thus killing all types of insects on site. This method is very advisable in places where pesticides cannot be used safely like around food, plants, and children.

10. Insect Growth Regulators

This is a type of pesticide that acts like birth control in insects. It prevents eggs laid by female insects from maturing to the adult stage, thus curbing the growth rate of these pests. Insect growth regulators are very effective when it comes to killing bedbugs because they only kill the young bugs that haven’t reached maturity yet. Also, this makes sure that re-infestation doesn’t happen even if the adults manage to escape during treatment. The residual effect lasts up to 6 months meaning pest control will last for half a year or more depending on environmental factors like temperature and humidity.


If not properly applied, pesticides can damage people’s health and cause skin irritation, allergies, and breathing difficulties. Some cases have been reported where people become ill and even die because of direct exposure to these chemicals.

This is why you should consider hiring professional exterminators when dealing with bed bugs infestation. These experts will know how to get rid of bedbugs using the safest methods that won’t cause any health problems or other unpleasant side effects. Their knowledge, skills, and experience in the field allow them to use eco-friendly pesticides, disposal methods, and steam treatments thus making sure your home will stay pest-free for a long time.

Also, they are up-to-date on the latest treatment procedures that might be unavailable elsewhere making them more valuable to hire compared to others who are willing to do it themselves. They come equipped with all types of tools needed for extermination like insect growth regulators which are not available in stores.



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